Good Intentions!!!

What's your new years resolution?!!

Mines a bit boring but i'd like to lose 1/2 a stone, the last bit of baby weight plus the shocking amount i've put on over christmas!!


  • I have several resolutions.
    Like you Tasha, I want to lose some weight. Preferably between 2 and 3 stone. That's the last 1/2 stone of baby weight and then some more to get down to what I weighed when I started teaching!!!!

    To drink less Pepsi Max.
    To exercise more.
    To organise my craft stuff, and not have to make lots of cards in a mad rush just before Christmas!!
  • Mine are to find a new job and im affraid to say give up smoking!!
  • Good Luck with giving up smoking Simone!
  • Thanks i did it before when i was pregnant, but i had a huge insentive then!
  • Simone, Gillan tried to give up smoking through the NHS scheme at our doctors, although he bagan smoking again after 1 month ( that's his best attempt yet and he only began again due to the arrival of amber strssing him out)! he says it was really good, more a form of support (1 on 1) than nagging plus you can get some of the patches, lonzengers etc on prescription.
    Good Luck xxx
  • My New years resolutions will be to get rid of the baby weight as soon as possible so I can wear a bikini on holiday in June, not put any more on after Xmas eating less chocolate and more good stuff, and to get up to Manchester to see my friend in January before we both give birth(!).
  • My mums mate got a nasal spray from the doctor to help quit smoking. She used it once or twice and quit a 40+ a day habit. Every day she put her fag money into a jar and paid for a 2 week trip to spain with the saved money!!
  • Hey, i've just realised that i joined PP on 07/07/07. Maybe 7 is my lucky number??????

    Its only taken me more than 700 posts to realise that!!!!!
  • Mine is too lose the weight I have put on over christmas and to have a baby - we'll see about the last one lol
  • Good luck to you all with the resolutions, I hope you all reach the targets you set yourselves.

    Mine is to loose a little weight and get a little fitter.

    Zoe xx
  • Like most of you have mentioned i also need to lose some weight, stop biting my nails and spend less money!!!

    Wishing you all lots of luck with your resolutions!!
  • hi all,
    best of luck with the new years resolutions!!

    we'll have to remember this in a few months and come back and say how we've got on.

    im fairly happy with my weight now, but would love to get more toned up, so i think i'll make that my resolution!!
  • Dawn - that reminds me - I need to also stop biting my nails - lol
  • Hi Caroline - that must have been a very auspicious day as I discovered I was pregnant on that day!
  • Hi all
    Well im like the rest of you,to lose some extra weight.I gave up smoking when i was 3mths preggers,it made me feel ill and i havent had one since then.
  • After Nicolettes lovely reply about Ambers eating i realised a far better resolution would be to hope that by the end of 2008 Amber's on 3 meals a day! x
  • Good one Tasha, i really hope it happens for you.
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