Is there anyone out there???

OK, so I'm obviously a billy no mates!!!!

Bronwyn is in bed fast asleep, no one is on PP and the only person on MSN at the mo is my ex!!!!!


Somebody talk to me please............


  • I'm here for another 45mins or so - gonna go to my aunts in a bit.

    Caroline let me know your MSN and I can talk to you there if you want to chat?

  • Hi all,im home alone with the kids as hubby working tonight.
    I might pop of at times as rileys got a chest infection(great new years gift)his on amoxicillin,calopl for the temp and tixilix for the cough,so ive been run of my feet all day,just hoping he had a good nights sleep as he had a bad night last night.
    Im gonna try and be on here for a while.

  • Sorry have only popped on for a few mins, just to catch up!
    Partner is at work and there is a film i want to watch.

    I wish you all a very happy new year xx
  • I'll be around for a wee while, although i'll probably be in bed well before midnight.
    We're not doing much tonight, John's on call so he can't drink. Oh well, more for me!!!!!!

    Hope Riley's feeling better soon.

    Cameron's had a real stinker of a cold for a couple of weeks now and he's cut his first 2 teeth in the space of a week so things have been a bit unsettled here too!!!
  • Hi Emma
    Sorry to hear Riley's not well! I hope he sleeps well for you. Bronwyn has been asleep for ages, she was dozing off before 6. I think she's probably getting my cold!!
  • THanks guy's,his just gone to bed and chantelle was in bed about half hr ago so hoping they both sleep well as chantelles badly teething at the mo to.
    I'll here for a while now but for thoes of you who wont.
    Hope you all have a great new year,best of luck for 2008!
  • Right, I am going to bed! My sinuses are doing my head in so going to drug myself with sudafed and painkillers and try to sleep this off!

    I don't really do New Year, after all its only another day but after the year I've had I am hoping that 2008 will be easier than 2007.

    Happy New Year everyone!
  • Evening all

    Anyone still there? We've been next door for a party butknew we wouldn't make it until 12 with the kids. Ethan bless him lasted until 10 andthen flaked out! It'sbeen lovely to get out for once though andnow i'm quite looking forward to getting to bed!! (how sad)!! xxx
  • Nite caroline,hope you feel better soon. xx

    Hi tasha yeah im still here,poor ethan,but i bet ur glad his asleep so you can have a drink.

  • Hi Emma i hoped you'd be back on! How's youe evening going, are the kids still settled? Thanks for your pm the other day sorry i haven't replied to it yet but i will!!

    The kids were so well behaved tonight that i was able to enjoy myself so i've had plenty to drink already and will probably leave it at that as Amber usually ends up in my bed!

    How's your week been? x
  • kids are still in bed but rileys coughing in his sleep so we see how that goes.other than that my evening is going well,have been watching the life of brian,love that.
    Adi should finnish about 1 ish tonight.

    This week has been busy realy as we have had the foster guy come by and is back here thursday and ive also got rileys home visit from the school on thursday at the same time so will have to rearrange one of them.Think it will have to be the foste guy as i want to get rileys school bits done first realy.

    What about you? xx
  • We've just been pottering really and trying ,unsucessfully to sort the house out! Gillan had to work on friday so my parents had Ethan for a few hours and Amber and i went shopping which was lovely. I'm going shopping in milton keynes on wednesday so really looking forward to that!

    Gillans going to China on Sunday with work fora week, i'm dreading it and will be on here even more than usual for company!! x
  • Gosh,what a week that will be,ill get on when i can.What is it that gillan does then for him t travel like that,prdon me for asking!

  • He works for his parents business as an automation control engineer, he's goingout there to train the staff to work the machine his company have built! He was given the choice to go and he leapt at it, i wasn't so impressed but i'll give him a wish list of presents!
  • Dame rite,i would.all thoes lovely thing they have over there.
  • Yeah, plus Ethans asked for a robot! Somehow i know which one of us is more likely to get a present!
  • hehe! thats men for ya,adi's like a big kid at times,think thats why he and riley get on so well.

  • Typical men love kiddies toys as much as gadgets! Gillan bought Ethan a bike for Christmas and got all over excited, he was tinkering with it months ago!!!

    Actually i think Gillan wants to but Amber a teddy if he can while he's in China, bless him he realised today that when i was pregnant with Ethan he bought the baby a teddy but he never did that for Amber so now he's on a mission to put that right!! x
  • Ahh bless him.
    Adi would be the same with bikes as it was and still is his passion,it used to be his job but they go rid of the bikes department and he couldnt go back to work either as thats when he ended up laid up with his back out.
  • Ohno not good, what does he do now?
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