Hi Everyone,

Been cleaning the house and what not - done the ironing and now sitting and relaxing.

Just wondered what everyone else is up to? I'm kinda bored now


  • Hi sarah!

    I am bored of housework but not done as much as you!!! Done 3 loads of washing and drying. Vacuumed the living room and sorted out my recycling. That is about it!!!
    I have sorted out the nursery and Bronwyn's cot, it's ready for her to move into. Just got to decide when I am going to try it!
  • We obviously lead fabulously exciting lives Caroline - lol

    Is Bronwyn in a moses basket at the moment? I'm sure she will love her new cot
  • Hi Sarah,

    Happy New Year.

    Just sorting the kids something to eat. Plodding along today as I am at work tomorrow.

    Zoe xx
  • I'm at work tomorrow too Zoe - I'm really not looking forward to it
  • No me neither. It's only til one then that's me done til next week, but i'd still rather not go!!
  • Your sooo lucky I have to work all week until 4pm! yuk got to be up at 6.30! Really not looking forward to that - been really enjoying have long lie -ins. mmmmmmmmm bliss lol
  • Well we got to bed last night/this morning at four and was up at 9 !!! We had family round for the New Year. It was a good night but I'm glad it only happens once a year!
  • Oh Gaud - I would be asleep now if that was me lol
  • My house is looking better! I just keep pottering around! I guess I should do some more whilst Bronwyn is asleep!!

    Bronwyn managed 3 days in a moses basket before she outgrew it!!!! She used to catch her hands on the side and wake herself up. She slept in the carrycot from her pram for 6 weeks and since then has been in a travel cot in my room. I need to get her settled in her room ready for my return to work!
  • I'd of still been in bed about lunchtime if it wasn't for the children. I'll catch up on some of it over the next month or so!! LOL!!
  • Hi Sarah - if you are bored, fancy coming round and doing my ironing?! I just can't stand up long enough to make it worth my while even getting the board out. After five minutes my pelvis hurts and I have to sit down. Plus, and you may well find this out, doing the ironing around a three year old who can't sit still is downright dangerous!

    Other than that I have tidied up Bon's Xmas presents, fed hubby and son, tried drinking ginger tea to calm my stomach, didn't work, but managing to nibble rice crackers. Going to pack my hospital bag later, want to be ready this time.
  • Oh Boo, I didn't realise that your bathroom still wasn't done. What a nightmare to have it a mess over Xmas. How long do you think until it is finished?

    My dining room was done a lot quicker than I expected and the disruption wasn't as bad as I had feared. I rather liked having a separate living room to dining room for the duration. I would like to put the partition wall back up but hubby won't hear of it.

    I really hope it is done soon and you get back to normal.
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