Today is my first day back on pp, since 23rd Dec.
I have to say I have really missed talking to you all and reading all the posts.
We went to stay with my mil in North Wales and although she has a pc I thought it would be rude if I asked to use it.
We had a nice time but I'm always pleased to come home.
Could'nt believe how many post there were to read. 340!!!!

Congratulations to Zoe for winning wuotm. Cant believe you still have not recieved yours yet, Boo.

Looking forward to catching up with you all soon.
xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • Hello Lucyanne and Happy new year!! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas?

    I wondered where you'd gone and even pm'd Simone to check you were ok!!

    Look forward to catching up soon xxx
  • Yay your back.
    Happy new year.

    Glad you had a nice time, but there's no place like home.
    Did your children have a nice christmas.

    Will have to meet up again in the next couple of weeks xx
  • hi lucyanne,
    welcome back hun, you were missed on here too.
    i know we were chatting on msn just now, but thought id reply here too, im only just catching up with the last two days posts.

    Glad you had a nice xmas.
    look forward to chatting soon
    Kas xx
  • Hi Lucyanne

    Welcome back and happy new year!!!!!
    Glad you all had a good Christmas.

    Catch up soon xx
  • Hi Lucyanne,

    Happy New Year to you. Hope you had a good Christmas, we had a fantastic time.

    Thanks for conratulating me on wuotm, next month it could be you!!

    Take care, chat soon.

    Zoe xx
  • Hi Lucy
    How are you and the children.
    Did the boys go back to school ok!

    How is Katelin has she been saying her name any more.
    Jessica is teething again, she had me up from half one till half three last night, so im hoping for a better night tonight.

    Chat soon xx
  • Oh poor little thing. And poor you for being kept awake. Will she take calpol or anything like that?

    How many are coming through at once.?
    All mine have been lucky and have not been bothered by teeth.
    Although Daniel has a second tooth growing down and the first tooth has not come out yet and is not even loose.
    He is going to the dentist on 30th so will see what they recomend.
  • I think jessica is cross cutting, she had the bottom two through and then one top one and now another bottom one is through. I don't think it will be long before they all come through as you can see them all under the gums!
    I am a bit worried as i think she is addicted to medised, she only has it at night as she is teething and has a cold, but as soon as she see's the bottle she throws out her dummy and starts laughing and takes it with no problem!

    Poor Daniel, is it hurting him!
  • LOL. Katelin is like that too. she loves calpol. when daniel had a sore throat over xmas she was quite offended that she was'nt being offered any.
    When she had chickenpox I gave her too much piriton and she went loopy. I phoned the pharmacist and she told me she would fall asleep and for ages, well it had the oppersite effect . She was running around the house with her buba in its buggy. And medised and calpolnight also act like stimulants to her.
  • It has started to bother him, but only because he now knows its there and keeps poking it. Silly sod!
  • Thats soooo funny Lucy!

    Have you had a nice day today, i have been running around like a headless chicken, so it is nice to sit down tonight
  • Today has been the busiest day for a couple of weeks as both the boys went back to school today so I did nonstop house work. Things that I dont really like doing when they are off school as it dose'nt seem fair to them.
    tomorrow will be just the same and then chill out again at the weekend.
    Have you been working today then?

    We must sort out a night for our meal before I go in.
  • I have had a manic day!
    I am going to bore you now!
    I had to get my nan to the fracture clinic for 9.55 we got back to hers at 11.30 and i had to make her dinner, i then had to go and get her a dosett box(for medication) and fill it up with her medication for a week!
    I didn't have time to go home, so luckily i had work clothes in the car and went straight to work and didn't get in till 5.45!!! Have i bored you yet!lol

    I will have a look in my diary and pm you tomorrow about a night out! Is there any night that suits you best xx
  • That does sound hectic!!!!
    Any evening is fine. Oh except Tuesday's as Daniel and Nigel go footy training.
  • Ok i will have a look and get a babysitter and let you know xx
  • Thanks Boo, we had a great sleep last night, Jessica went from 7.30 till 7.30.

    Hope you are all ok xx
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