So Excited

Mum, me and Jessica are going to go on holiday in Febuary.

Me and mum normally go away in January together, but didn't go last year as Jessica was so young and didn't book any thing this year as i could not afford it and we were worried about how Jessica would be!

Mum has just rung and said she would pay for me to go away with her as she is desperate for some sunshine even if it means we have to go to bed at eight with Jessica, we will just make the most of the day.

All i have to do is send Jessica's passport of and then we are going to book it.


  • WOW Simone! I am so jealous!

    Mum and I started going away at May half term to Cornwall, just the 2 of us and since then its grow into 8 of us! Not quite the same! I';d love to go away, just me, mum and bronwyn!!!

    Let us know where you are going!!
  • how fab is that?? you are very lucky.
    I really hope you enjoy some time away. make the most of it.

    kas xx
  • wow Simone. I'm sooooo jealous. you lucky thing .
    where do you fancy going?
  • That sounds great!!!!
    I'm sure you'll all have a fantastic time.
  • That's great Simone, something for you to look forward to. Let us know when you have booked, would love to know where you are going to go.

    Zoe xx
  • We already know where we are going as we have been there before and loved the hotel.
    Its Maspalomas in Gran Canaria
    The hotel is called Tabaiba Princess and i can't wait.

    Im just hoping that Jessica will sleep
  • ooh wow i am well jealous !

    ive never been abroad yet alone have it paid for me

    hope u have a good time xx
  • Simone you'll have to post your photos on here.

    I've never been to Gran Canaria so can't wait to hear all about it
  • Hi Boo. Don't let the kids stop you from going somewhere lovely, they are so adaptable. We took Bon to Bali when he was 14 months old and it was a success. He slept mostly on the flights, and although the first two days he was like a limp rag, he soon got the hang of the time difference and had a wonderful time. He came on brilliantly, he started to walk five days before we left and honed the skill running around the room. He went to Ireland at 3 months, Barcelona at four, Madeira at eight months, France at nine, Bali at 14.. Just do it, but do sme research first on things like availability of formula / food that a little one will take, and sending stuff ahead, nappies, food, can help the luggage situation.
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