Hello Simone

Just thought I would say hi here too as we seem to have been chatting everywhere tonight.!!!!hehehe


  • Hi Lucy
    Are you having twins then!lol
  • Yes. Twin packs of chocolate
  • Mmmmmmmmmmm Yummy, i have just had some chocolate yule logg
  • Forgot to get one of those this year. Still have choc cakes and mince pies , crisps, nuts, biscuits, crackers and goodness knows what else. The diet will have to wait!!!
  • Stuff the diet, mind you i must be the only person who has lost weight over xmas!
  • You lucky thing. And you're probably the only person who dose'nt need to lose weight either.
    How d'you manage that then?
  • on all food???????
  • Heeheee.
    I love food.

    Any way you don't need to loose weight either!
  • I do. I'm going to fast soon .......................NOT!!!!!
  • You take a long time to type!lol

    Im of to bed now to get some Zzzzzzzzzzz
    Have a good night and a nice friday and i will pm you tomorrow xx
  • yes I admit I am a slow typer,but I am looking at other posts too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is what happens when I try to type fast.

    nbehbhcnjehf bcjdnkdnjc n
    nchfebvhbfdjkcnkdnc kjfe nvjhbfhjv nf

    See? so I dont bother!
  • That made me laugh

    Night Night
  • Hehehe you two are funny do you think 'us lot' have taken over pp?!!!

    I was wondering if i'm allowed to join the conversation as i AM a twin?!!
  • Hi Tasha
    I forgot you are a twin!
    How are you today, just read your post about Ethan, he must be hard work at the moment, but the only thing you have to hold onto is the fact its a phase and all children go through it!

    Have you got any thing planned for next week!
  • hi ladies, like the post, makes a change from seeing it stuck on the same one.

    you are right, we do seem to be chatting all over the forum now. cool!!

    anyway, ill join in coz id like twins!! does that count?? hehe.

    hope you are all well.
    hope to chat soon
    kas xx
  • And I'm married to one so does that count?
    Kas would you really like twins?
  • I'd have loved twins!!
    I was so hoping when i went for my scan with amber that they'd say there were 2 in there that would have solved the problem of me wanting 3 kids and Gillan not wanting any more!!
  • Both Nigel and I wanted to stop at 2. Then Katelin came along and I wil be eternely greatful that the pill did'nt work!
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