Busmans holiday?!!!!

Look at where Gillans staying whilst in china!

And he's trying to tell me that it's going to be hard work!!


  • omg tasha, wow, it looks amazing (pity they wouldnt pay for you all to go) now that would have been cool!!

    is it tomorrow he leaves??

    hope you get on ok next week, dont forget im on the phone if you need me in the day or on here in the eves!!

    take care hun and chat later
    kas xx
  • Same as Kas OMG, nothing like roughing it!

    Don't forget we are all here next week for you xx
  • Oh poor Gillan. What a scruffy looking hotel......NOT!!!!

    Hope he brings you back a decent consolation prize.( like 4 tickets to the Bahamas!!!!!!!!)
  • Ok Tasha, I feel for you even more now, he's stopping in a hotel like that while you are at home. It's a hard life for some. We'll be here to keep you company.

    Zoe xx
  • It looks fab!!! Hope he brings back some fantastic goodies for you!!

    I'm sure you'll be absolutely fine next week, i hated it when John went away in October but once i stopped sulking at being left at home with the baby i quite enjoyed having some time to myself!!!

    Just remember to stock up on ready meals, chocolate and wine and you'll be ok!!!!!
  • That's good advice Dawn.
  • Hi Tasha!

    Ask Gillan if there is room in his suitcase for a little one? I can travel very lightly!! Ha ha ha!

    My God, its luxurious to say the least! I have got an over night stay for work in Cardiff in May, no doubt it will be on a par with Travelodge or Holiday Inn, certainly not like this hotel!!!

    I bet they have nice complementary toiletries, not the usual scrappy bar of soap and pastic cup!

    But Tasha, why would you want to be there when you can be here with us??? Obviously there's no comparison!!!!

    Seriously, yes i can be serious, we are here if you need a chat or moan!!!!
  • WOW thats a LUVERLLYYYYYYY looking hotel - Poor Gillan for being stuck there - Life is tough at the top :P

    I think you all need to sneak into his suitcases
  • He's acting all miserable because poor little him has got a 13 hour flight tomorrow (he opted to go on this bl***y trip by the way) what does he think i'm going to be doing pampering myself for the next week?!!!

    He is actually planning on getting us lots of goodies as his boss (who's his dad) has said the company will pay for them!!!!
  • Hi Tasha. Hard work? Yeah, dragging yourself out of a pool can be so stressful! How's his eye by the way? When my hubby goes off somewhere I compile a list of Duty Free for him to fill, and expect a few surprises as well! He doesn't generally disappoint either, to be honest, he is very good at pressies. I hope you get something lovely from China.
  • aaahh, poor Gillan, 13 hours of reading or watching films, in a peaceful airplane with no toddler and baby, he must be dreading it!!

    just tell him he'll have plenty of time to think about the presents he can buy for you all.

    kas xx
  • Kas - are you going to hit the 1000 tonight?!!
  • id just noticed that myself Nicolette. i should really be spending time with ant, but hes watching boring sci fi programs, so im here for now. we'll have to see how it goes.

    hope you are feeling well Nicolette!!
    kas xx
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