How are you all this cold Sunday morning? I'm shattered!! Charl playing up at night times again the last two nights. My eyes are feeling very heavy this morning. Ah well.

Have a good day.

Zoe xx


  • Morning Zoe,
    we are fine thanks. sorry to hear you are having a hard time with Charl. Is she ok? hope it improves soon.

    Tara is being a little monkey too, hard to get to sleep at night since we came back from hols, then waking up chatting at night. last night, when she wouldnt get back to sleep after 2 hours, we took her in with us. oh well, it wont last forever. i remember niamh going through a phase like this.

    hope to get to chat later
    kas xx
  • Morning Zoe. I had son up three times in the night and hubby up at 6.30am to go to Burnley for an FA Cup match. Ugh. No chance to get back to sleep. Still, I might yet make it to the shower before Bon is up again. Uninterrupted shower, mm mm!
  • Good Morning Zoe!

    I know we've pm'd each other already but it would be rude not to reply!

    We're good this end although Ethan got up quite early this morning so we could have a fun day full of tantrums!

    I've been meaning to tell you, Amber said Mum mum really clearly when i was popping her in ehr buggy the other day, i couldn't believe it Ethan was about 14 months when he said it!!

    Gillans taking us to his parents this morning then he'll leave for the airport from there it means i get a hot meal cooked for me, they'll help with the kids and when they take us home later ethan will fall asleep for the night, perfect!!!
  • Hi girls,

    Kas - Not sure what's up with Charlotte she seems fine this morning. Her night time routine was obviously disrupted over the Christmas New Year period and we are struggling to get it back!! I'm hoping with Jack being back at school on Monday she will fall back into her routine but we shall see.

    Nicolette - My mum will be at the Stoke game later not that she likes football she's there for her job being entertained!!! So we have my dad coming round for dinner this eveing. I hope you are ok.

    Tasha, Hi again!! I have replied to your message.

    Have a good day,

    Zoe xx
  • Good Morning!!

    Glad I'm not the only one who feels like a zombie this morning!!!! I really should go to bed earlier. Brownyn as unsettled last night, almost as if she was having bad dreams. We are going to Skegness today, oooh the excitment never ends!!! I need a proper supermrket, not just the local co-op!!!

    She is dozing in her bouncy chair so I am nipping up for a shower.

    Tasha- that's really good that Amber said Mum. I bet you were shocked, but oh so proud!!!!!

    At what age do babies start to try and give kisses???
  • Morning All,

    Well I had a unsettled night as the baby next door was crying plus our house was so hot we opened the window which meant the wind was going through - so got up about an hour ago.

    Tasha - what time is Gillans flight? Bet you were sooo happy that shes learn't mum - maybe whilst Gillan is away you can teach her dad to surprise him when he gets back.

    Zoe - Sorry you had a bad night - good luck from Monday but i'm sure it will be fine.

    Caroline - Have fun in Skagness - bet shopping takes ages with a baby - everyone stopping and cooeeing
  • Morning Sarah and Caroline!!

    I love it that ambers learnt to say mum! vrying to make the Mmmm sound for a couple of weeks but only when really crying!! She's been saying Dada for ages and now will say it when Gillan walks in the room! And all this from a little girl the docs/hv's said would have speech problems due to her lack of chewing!!

    Gillans flights at 5:50 i think he's dropping us off at his parents this morning then he'll leave at 1ish.

    Caroline i think it would be hillarious for you and Gillan to meet as he's actually quite shy in person so you'll be able to back him into a corner no problems!!! You'll love it!! hehe
  • Hi all

    I a little tired but well awake,the suns hot and bright and ive got lots to do(still have time for this tho).hope you are all well.

  • Hi Boo,

    You have the ticker counting down til Valentines Day, well it's Charlotte's Birthday on the 13th so I know just how long i've got to go until her second birthday!!!

    I hope Zoe gets on ok tomorrow.

    Zoe xx
  • Zoe - I noticed Boos ticker aswell - its lovely - Charlotte must have been a lovely valentines day present
  • Thank you Sarah.

    She was actually due on the 15th and as I was two weeks overdue with Jack and had to be induced I wasn't expecting to have her until after that date. As I went into labour on the 12th, I wanted it over with, I didn't want to hang on til the 14th!!! I had two long labours as it was!!

    Hope it happens for you soon.

    Zoe xx
  • How long was you in labour for?

    I'm hoping it will soon aswell - I read somewhere that you don't OV every month - has anyone heard this before?
  • Hi Everyone

    Sorry you all seem to have had unsettled nights. We had about a fortnight of sleepless nights, but(touch wood!!) now that his cold's gone Cameron's back to sleeping through and this morning slept until 8(sorry!!)
    I'm having a very early night myself tonight as we have to be in the car by 8am tomorrow, the earliest we've been out the house is 9am and that's with a trail of destruction left behind us in the house!!!! Thank god i'm only working 2 days a week!!

    Hope you all get a better nights sleep tonight xx
  • Hi Sarah,

    I don't want to put you off most women seem to have labours that are over and done with in a matter of hours....not me!! I was induced with Jack and from the first contaction to him being born I was 21 hours, with Charl I was also 21 hours but labour started naturally!

    I remember from my A level Biology that each overy ovulates once every two months, so you should ovulate monthly but it alternates which overy the egg comes from...if that makes sense!

    Blowing baby dust in your direction.

    Zoe xx
  • Hi Sarah. I was only in labour officially eight hours with my first (though I was in labour for around 14 hours the first time I went into labour with my first! It wasn't any worse than period pains though, so it wasn't difficult, just scary).

    The female body is a mystery. Yes, each ovary releaes an egg every two months and they alternate so you get one released every month. However, sometimes this doesn't happen. Sometimes an ovary releases two eggs, hence non-identical twins, or even triplets or more. Every woman is different. But, for most conception isn't a problem so relax, don't get too bogged down in wanting to conceive, stress can prevent it, and enjoy all that trying! N. xx
  • Hi Zoe and Nicolette thanks for the information, I didn't relise that.

    We've just been relaxing and not really doing anything different than before - I know I have my counter but not really taken that much notice - well sort of not lol

    Nicolette I heard contractions are like period pains - is that true then? I'm sure once that baby dust hits I will have lots of questions lol
  • Hi Sarah,
    the first pains are like period pains (generally) then they get worse as it goes along.

    but, every womans labour is different, and people deal with pain in different ways.

    so, as Nicolette says, try not to worry yourself about it, and just deal with it the best you can. your body will tell you what to do, its amazing!!

    kas xx
  • Gonna take your words for it girls - I have zero pain threshold so when the time comes we'll see lol

    oh thought I would give you a update on my day - this evening my friend bought her two yr old over, well that was a interesting evening - my god he was into everything - he learn't within seconds how to work the home phone - press all the buttons on the washing machine and terrorise the dogs. Sam is now thinking twice about kids *lol* and about how to baby proof - its quite funny as we never really have kids over for that long but must say I actually really enjoyed it and it was good fun - even though I got beaten up between kisses and cuddles lol

    How was everyone elses day?
  • Hi Sarah. Don't worry about child-proofing your home, it kinda happens as you go along. Before they can crawl you don't need to do anything really and then you take it at your own pace.

    Back to labour, my mum still maintains that she had worse period pains than labour pains. I am a total coward when it comes to pain but I managed OK. I am scared again this time round, but I am reading a lot, (my first was not exactly routine) so I am more aware and it helps.

    You've got ages before you have to think about that so don't worry about it. In the great scheme of things it doesn't last long.
  • Thanks Nicolette for the info - once the time comes i'm sure i'll be tapping you up.

    When is your baby due?
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