Wish me luck.....

....i'm back to work tomorrow.

I can't believe i've been off for 11 months, where has the time gone?????

I'm feeling very nervous, but i know i'll be ok once i've dropped Cameron off and get to school. I'm hoping that i'll be so busy i won't have time to worry about my little man although i'm sure he'll be absolutely fine.

I probably won't be on again until Wednesday, and i'll hopefully catch up with most of you then!!!!

Good luck to anyone else going back tomorrow xx


  • Hi Dawn,

    I wish you well. With Jack I only had 7 months off and I was okish til I got to work and someone said, "Are you ok?" I just burst into tears!! Hormones, eh! I'm sure you will be fine, i'm a big wuss!

    Chat soon.

    Zoe xx
  • Hi Dawn

    Good Luck!!
    I wish I could have 11 months off, I am back at school on the 15th, having had 4.5 months maternity leave and the 6 weeks hols off.
    Having said that I am really excited about going back and getting stuck into my pupils! I'm not sure they realise what is about to hit them!!!
    I will miss Bronwyn but I have got a desk calender with pictures of her and I also have a range of photos to put on my classroom walls. The nursery that Bronwyn is going to have said that I can pop in during my lunch hour or during a free lesson for a cuddle. (Not sure that this is a great idea as it might upset Bronwyn). In an ideal world I'd give up work, but that just isn't a viable option. Well, not unless I want to end up in a shelter!!!! Unfortunately as the main breadwinner I need to work!

    Going to sign off before you all start grading me on this essay!!!!
  • good luck hun
  • Good luck Dawn. Going back won't be all bad, you'll get back to your normal self far quicker than those of us at home, and you get 'me' time in your breaks, an unknown quantity in many houses! And adult conversation, that doesn't revolve around nappies and toilet habits. Bliss!

    Hope it isn't too much of a wrench and you can enjoy it.
  • Good luck Dawn. Will be thinking of you and Cameron tomorrow.
    He will be fine and you can look forward all day to his cheeky little smile when you pick him up.
    And you know that if it dose'nt work out for either of you you can stop working.

    Best of luck, love lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Good Luck Dawn - i'm sure you'll be fine tomorrow! What do you do for a living? and have you gone back part-time? x
  • Good luck Dawn
    Everything will be fine and i bet Cameron has loads of fun.

    Let us know as soon as you can how it went xx
  • Thanks for all your kind words!!!!

    I am looking forward to a bit of adult company and being able to sit down and eat without having to share any of it!!!! It'll do Cameron the world of good to mix with other children and i know he'll have lots of fun, i'm just going to miss that cheeky little face!!!!

    Sarah - I'm a nursery nurse in a local primary school and i'm going back 2 days a week.
  • Thats good that you can do part time - those two days will fly by!!

    Good Luck tomorrow - i'm sure you'll be fine though with all those little ones running around you x
  • the very best of luck Dawn. i hope it all goes well for you and that Cameron enjoys nursery.

    naturally, you'll feel nervous to begin with, but you'll soon get the hang of things, and nothing beats the first time you pick them up from where theyve been staying, and they give you the most huge smile and reach for you. makes your heart melt.

    look forward to hearing bout your first day back
    take care
    kas xx
  • Good luck for tomorrow Dawn!!!
    I'm sure you'll get back into it easily and will treasure your time with Cameron even more, also i'm sure he'll have a wonderful time with his new little friends!! Let us know how it goes! xxx
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