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Music with mummy

I took Jessica to music with mummy today and i was really nervous as i didn't know how Jessica would react and also what the other mums would be like!

How much fun did we have, the other mums were really nice and i was so proud of Jessica, she was a bit clingy to begin with but after a few mins she really loved it.

She kept dancing around and trying to cuddle all the boys!!
She thought the musical instruments were great fun too.

Can't wait till next monday


  • Sounds like great fun Simone.
  • Aww my daughter who 16 months would love something like that. She loves to dance and bang on things. It sounds great fun too
  • It was really fun, it was only 45mins, but they did lots of songs and playing with instruments, bubbles and balloons.

    You should have a look and see if there is a group near you
  • Andrea have just looked on there site, don't know if any of these are near you!

    It costs £22.50 for a six weeks
  • Hi Simone,

    I've just had a look and unfortunatley the ones in my area are too far for me to get to, never mind.
  • Thats a shame Zoe
  • Andrea if they don't do one in your area, we do something very similar called ryhthm time and there may be one near you.
  • Hi Simone, thats great that you both enjoyed it so much. sounds like lots of fun.
    i take niamh (and tara soon) to tumble tots, so wouldnt be able to afford that and music classes too. shame, coz i bet she'd love it.

    kas xx
  • Thats the problem, you can't do to much as its so expensive!
    I will start taking Jessica swimming again though as its not to much.
  • Sounds great fun. I think Katelin would love it. can we come with you next time you go please?
  • Lucy
    I would love for you to come, but its in newbury and this term is all booked up
  • good point simone, i used to take the girls swimming on friday afternoons, but that all stopped before xmas, with going back to work etc. i think ill prob have to start going on the wekends when ants off, as during the week, if hes off, im working. we love simming as a family.

    cant wait for summer again,as we can start going to the local parks and lakes etc.

    kas xx
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