soo tired!

but i had a lazy pj day today lol

hows everyone elses day been?



  • Hi Emma.
    This is the new pre school???
    So did it go a bit better than you expected?
    How do you feel about your descision to stick with the new one?
    Enjoy your peace and quiet.
    Take care x
  • Evening girls!
    sorry you're feeling so tired claire hopefully thjis stage will pass soon

    Emma just echoing what Lucy has said and wondered how your son goton today?!!

    Lucyanne hope you're well have you got much planned for this week?!
  • Hi Emma, sounds like your son settled in OK! That's good, I know how worrying it can be as my little girl tried out her nursery for the first time today! Thankfully she seemed very settled!

    Hi Lucy, How are things with you?? Hope you are OK!!
  • Hi girls,
    Things are ok.
    How about you?
    No big plans this week, just getting on with h/w.
    Attacked a huge pile of ironing today. Thats about as exciting as my day got. Oh and got soaked on the school run there and back!
    Full of the joys,me!
  • Hi everyone. Need some sympathy. I have come down with a cold that turned into a thorat infection and I have lost my voice plus feel as if my throat is full of nails. Hurts like you wouldn't believe! Went to the doctor this morning having struggled yesterday writing notes to everyone instead of speaking to them, and I have around another 24 hours before I see an improvement. Hurt so much I didn't get any sleep, maybe four hours tops in bursts. Bon is a nightmare, doesn't understand why mum isn't talking and I can't argue with him to make him do anything!
  • Oh no Nicolette, you poor thing.
    Really hope you're feeling better soon.

    Sending you big cyber hugs
    Take care xx
  • Oh Nicolette that's awful. I real do feel for you, I had something similar when I was about 16 but i remember it very well. I tried not to swallow as it was agony and that's not easy!

    Take care.

    Zoe xx
  • Oh Nicolette, you poor thing!!! There are so many bugs going round at the minute!! I hope you feel better soon. Let's hope Bon doesn't pick it up from you!!
  • Merocets are good for numbing your throat too! They look like yellow parecetamols but are fab for sore throats!!
  • Sorry you feel ill Nicolett.
    The best thing for a sore throat is to disolve about six asprins in water and gargle it (don't swallow) and it will really numb your throat!

    Hope you feel better soon xx
  • Hi Claire, hope your day was better today.

    hi everyone, hope you are all having a good week.

    Nicolette, im sorry you are feeling unwell, i hope you get a chance to rest a little (although i know how hard that is with a toddler). hope you find something to help soothe it a little

    take care
    kas xx
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