Good Morning

Hi Girls

How are you all this morning?????

I'm having a real lazy day today!!!! I'd planned on taking Cameron to toddlers but decided against it as it's sooooo miserable here, might go to baby clinic this afternoon to have him weighed and have a chat to hv.

He's refusing point blank to drink water or juice, i'm starting to get quite worried as his nappies are pretty dry during the day and when i change him first thing in the morning the urine is really strong smelling. Does anybody have any suggestions?????


  • Morning Dawn
    We are all fine thankyou, we are not doing much today either, might pop over my friends later. The weather was nice here earlier but its come over all cloudy now.

    Sorry i have not got any advice for you about Cameron not drinking, i think it will be best to speak to your hv.

    Have a nice lazy day xx
  • Morning Dawn
    Sorry i had to cut you off on msn earlier but it was lovely to chat to Gillan and know that he's ok! He's found a robot for Ethan that he's going out to buy for Ethan (it's what he asked for)!!

    How about offering him the water that you have boiled his fruit in? I used to do that for ethan and he adored it. xx
  • Thanks Tasha, i'll try that. I'm going to see the hv soon so i'll mention it to her, we've tried lots of different cups and he's currently got a tommee tippee cup without a valve so i can at least get a trickle into his mouth.

    Glad you had a good chat with Gillan, i bet Ethan will be so pleased with his robot!!!!!

    Enjoy the rest of your day xx
  • Hi - when Bon doesn't want to drink, when he isn't well for instance, I just keep offering him a beaker every few minutes and if he only takes a mouthful each time it mounts up over a day. I also leave a beaker where he can get at it including in bed, the Avent Sportster beakers are great for that, large and no-spill.
  • Well i saw my hv and she was as much help as a chocolate teapot!!!!!!
    Apparently i shouldn't be worried, he'll drink something when he wants to. I have a real battle just to get him to take a sip, whenever he sees the cup he turns his head away and tries to push it away with his hands.
  • Hi Dawn, im sorry i cant offer much useful advice, but tara doesnt drink much either. Does Cameron still drink much milk? i like tashas idea about offering the water from the fruit. think ill try that too.

    hope he starts taking more soon

    kas xx
  • Hi Kas

    He has about 5oz milk in the morning after his breakfast, 6oz in the afternoon and then about 6-7oz before bed. My worry is that he refused his afternoon bottle when he was at the childminders, so didn't have anything to drink until bedtime. Hopefully he'll get used to her giving him his bottle in time(fingers crossed).
  • thats the same as tara, she drinks about the same amount.

    am just trying to think of ways of getting fluid into him. maybe make him a smoothie??
  • That's a good idea, he loves fruit. I've been giving him lots of fruity snacks and he's been having soup most days for lunch to try and get some liquids into him.
    It's just whenever he sees the cup coming he turns his head and tries to bat it away with his hands, maybe i just need to chill out a bit!!!
  • i dont blame you for being nervous about it. i do exactly the same, giving soup and fruit, its a good idea.
    can cameron suck through a straw yet?? if so, maybe try a big cup and straw
  • Have you tried him with one of those fruit shoot bottles, they are easy to suck out of and he might find it fun!
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