does anyone believe............

in mediums??

my bro rang me the other day and told me that a neighbour of his, who's a medium (but not for work, she just gets feelings or whatever)said that i would be a mummy again by the end of the year!! not sure whether that meant id be preggers or what, but what a thought!!

we have planned to have a third, but not till niamhs been at school for about a year (so about 2010).

had a chat with Tasha and Carolie and Sarah on msn the other nite bout it.
Just wondered if anyone had any experiences or beliefs (or not) about this type of thing!!

look forward to hearing opinions

kas xx


  • You have to take what they say with a pinch of salt, just like with the ring test!!
    I do believe in them talking to people who have passed away, but i am not sure about being able to make predictions.

    Mediums tend to use generalised statements which could relate to you. Some people jump on these statements and believe that is is going to happen. Positive thinking is often all people need. On the other hand needy people ofte cling to what mediums tell them and when something happens they relate it to what the medium said, and thus the medium must be right!

    Does that make sense??
  • yes, that makes perfect sense, but believe me, we wont be clinging to what she says. having a toddler and a teething, clingy baby is enough just at the minute!!

    it will however be funny if it does happen, as it would certainly be a shock (a good one if it happened) to us.

    kas xx
  • Hi Kas,

    I have put this before in another post but yes i o believe people can predict things but wouldn't believe in just anyone.

    My mil's friend told her I was pregnant two weeks before we found out, that was with Charl, she has also told other people she worked with that they were pregnant before they new. It doesn't stop there, she predicted her husbands death from a routine operation. She didn't want him to have it and friends and family told her she was worrying about nothing but she was right and he sadly passed away.

    I wouldn't believe a stranger, but she has been right sooooo many times that you can't take what she says with a pinch of salt.

    If you are very careful all the time there is little chance of you falling pregnant anyway.

    Zoe xx
  • hi Zoe, thats the same as this lady, she has been able to tell my bros fiancee so much, and told her she was preg before she knew. she also told her her sis would be pregnant at the end of last year, and sure enough she fell pregnant around xmas. unfortunatley, that ended at five weeks (which she predicted too).

    shes got a lot more than that right, but way too much to say on here.
    so, we'll just have to wait and see. we are very carefull usually, but all it takes is an upset tummy or something!!

    kas xx
  • Well I'll watch this space then Kas and see what happens as the year progresses!
  • I keep an open mind on this sort of thing.
  • I've had a few experiences with mediums and other prediction type things. My gran always claimed to be able to predict things but she never did much in my hearing to confirm it for myself. I went to a medium once and it was a total load of tosh that he came out with. Told me I was in the caring profession (I was in marketing...) and then told me that my aforementioned gran wanted me to know that she loved me (just not something she would ever had said, dead or alive). And then I had my tarot cards read by a friend and it turned out scarily accurate - she said very specifically I would meet my husband as a direct result of my new job. Eight weeks after starting I went to a supplier meeting and fell in love with him and married within five months.

    I do believe that predicting the future is possible for some people but I am sceptical about anyone who makes money out of it.
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