FAO Nicolette

Hi Nicolette

How are you feeling today?
It's awful when you're pregnant and poorly. Anyway i hope you're feeling better today and managing to get some rest.

Take care xx


  • I also hope you are feeling better xx
  • Hi Dawn. Thank you for asking after me, it is very kind of you. I'm afraid to say that I am still feeling grim and suffering and getting very fed up. I am antibiotics for a throat infection which is improving but my throat is still sore and I get very congested. It makes me cough, the dryness and the congestion and it hurts my stomach muscles so much. I am terrified I am going to rupture something! I have lost my voice, my sense of smell, taste and have no appetite whatsoever.

    My son has now gone down with something, hopefully not the throat bit, and he is not doing all that well either so I have to look after him as well as myself and although hubby has been a star, getting supplies, flowers, taking Bon to let me rest, he has to go to work so I am on my own. The only up side is that as I can't smell, clearing up my son's vomit isn't a problem!

    I am really hoping that it doesn't last much beyond the weekend, I have appointments at the hospital next week and I need to be able to talk! And Bon needs his mummy back.

    Thank you again for your kind concern for me, and I hope that all is well with you.
  • Oh Nicolette i'm sorry you're still not at all well and very sorry that Bons poorly too, i hope you both feel much better over the weekend xxxx
  • Nicolette, so sorry you are still feeling ill and Bon is starting to feel poorly.
    Have you tried gargling with soluable asprin, it really work.
    Hope you feel better soon xx
  • Nicolette, i was reading your post and im so sorry to hear you are still so poorly. i cant imagaine how you must be feeling, hopefully you'll be well enough soon to enjoy the last bit of your pregnancy and enjoy some time with Bon before the new baby arrives.
    your hubby sounds like hes been great.

    take care and chat soon
    kas xx
  • Hi Nicolette

    I'm sorry to hear you're still feeling so rotten, and now Bon's poorly too.
    Hope you both start to feel better soon.

    Takce care xx
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