Lilypie chart

I have just created one of these. How do i get it on here?
lol. xx


  • Hi Marie

    I think the code you need is the one that starts with pseudo html. You need to cut it and paste it into the signature box on your homepage.

    Hope this helps xx
  • I don't think i have a signature box? is it the home page pp or my broad band provider?

    Sorry to sound thick! xx
  • Hiya Marie

    You need to click on user options at the top of this page and that will take you onto your pp homepage. If you go to personal info, etc and click on edit that should take you onto the page with your signature box.

    Hope that makes sense.
  • Hiya, i have at last found that bit, now it won't copy the thing over. Will have to look at it tomorrow!

    Thanks for your help! xx
  • At last! I've managed to sort this thing out. Think it all became a blur last night, took ages!

    lol. xxxx
  • Well done Marie, i had to get my husband to do mine!
  • Well done.
    It took me months.
    Cant do the photos or the glitters, although I may try the glitters again one day soon.
  • I cant get my head around it. Think i'll ask hubs to look into it for me.
  • Well done Marie!!!!
  • Thanks. I have no idea to do the pics though. Will leave that for now.

    Andrea, if you google lilypie charts, go onto it and register, follow steps to create own. After stage 3 you need to click on get code. scroll down to code that has pseudo in it, highlight it and click right mouse to cut, log onto pp and go into user options, go to change personal details, scroll down to signature box, click in it and copy and paste or just paste. hey presto, it works! It took me hours to sort it!

    Hope i haven't confused you too much! xxxx
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