fao Tasha

Hi Tasha, just checking that Gillan got home safe and sound!!

hope you enjoy your day with him!!

chat later hopefully

kas xx


  • Me to Tasha, hope Gillan got home ok and you all have a nice day together xx
  • Hi Tasha,

    I hope Gillan's back ok and that you have some lovely pressies off him.

    Have a nice family day today.

    Zoe xx
  • Me too. Hope he's home safe and sound.
  • and Me - hope hes home safe and sound!!! x
  • Morning! Thanks Girls!
    Yes he's home safe and sound and absolutely exhausted!!!!
    We got fabulous presents! Both Ethan and Amber have got fantastic chinese outfits (i'll post pics asap of course)! plus Ethans got the most amazing robot which i'm sure you wouldn't be able to get over here!
    I got a beautiful chinese painting which is about 6 foot long on a scroll and is really very beautiful so we've been very lucky!

    You're not going to believe this but he's away with work on tuesday night! But this time it's just in Andover!

    Whats everyone been up to this weekend?!

    Thanks for your company this week girls! xxxxxxxxx
  • Hi Tasha
    Glad Gillan got back ok, it sounds like you had some lovely prezzies, can't wait to see the pictures!

    Can't believe he is going away again, but as you said its only in Andover, thats only 30mins from me!

    I have been working in the afternoons this weekend so have not been up to much!
    Did Ethan stay at nanny and grandads last night!
  • Hiya me and the kids stayed with my in laws last night as they offered me a homemade curry and some company so i couldn't resist!!! To be honest, although i had a nice time it was much harder work at theirs as Ethan played up for my benefit and Amber was really unsettled being away from home. Also i was so excited about Gillan coming home at 7ish thismorning that i was waking hourly and could hardly sleep!!!

    I knew that Andover was very close to you and Lucy, my aunt lives there, she used to live in Basingstoke too so when i stay with her next i may well invite myself to a playdate with you both!!!!

    How's Jessica doing? xxx
  • Hi Tasha, That's great that Gillan got home OK!!

    It sounds like he's spoiled you all with pressies, which of course, you all deserve!!!!

    Enjoy your day together, chat to you soon
  • Hi Tasha - so glad Gillan has arrived back safely.

    The picture you have sounds like the picture we bought Sams mum from Malaysia which was also beautiful!! You'll have to take a picture of it!! Glad Ethan for his robot!!! Does it do the housework?

  • Hi Tasha,
    Glad Gillan is home with you all now, safe and sound.
    Sounds like you were all very spoilt(and rightly so)

    You would be very welcome to come on a play date with Simone and me, that would be lovely.
    Why dont you invite yourself over to your aunts one day soon?
  • Hi Tasha
    Jessica is fine thankyou.

    You will definitly have to invite yourself to your aunts soon, it would be soo much fun for us all to meet up.
  • Hi Tasha

    Glad Gillan arrived home safely, hope you've had a lovely day together!!!

    Take care xx
  • Hi Tasha, im so glad Gillan arrived home safely, and i hope you had a lovely day together.

    your pressies sound fantastic!! Bet the kids will look gorgeous in their outfits, cant wait to see the pics!!

    chat soon
    kas xx
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