Morning Zoe

Hiya Zoe

Just read your post on the birth clubs about how your night was. Do you think its improving slowly??

what have you got planned for today? anything nice?

hope you are having a good weekend!
hopefully chat later
kas xx


  • oopps, looks like i just missed you. checked who was online about 30 seconds ago and it was just us, so i put this post on, now you are gone.

    Maybe catch up later

    kas xx
  • Sorry I missed you Kas!! The kids wanted breakfast!

    I'm hoping things are slowly getting better although there is no sign of a routine. At the moment though a routine doesn't bother me if I can stop this screaming business and get her sleeping ok, a routine will follow.

    Today James is going to the n.e.c for the autosports show. He goes every year and hopefully in a year or two Jack will go to. So it's just me and the children today. My parents are coming round but other than that the washing has built up as i've not been able to do it with Charl playing up so I'm on catch up today! Will keep popping on here though!

    I hope you have a nice day.

    Chat later.

    Zoe xx
  • hiya Zoe
    How's charlotte been today? I hope you're roast dinner was lovely?!!!!
    We've had a lovely quiet family day catching up! Gillans got tomorrow off work (quite rightly)! So it'll hopefully be another nice day.

    Hope you're well xxx
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