Fao Nicolette!

Hi Boo. Thanks for your kind enquiry, it is very sweet of you. I am on the mend now, don't feel quite so dreadful, but still a way to go yet it seems. My diet hasn't improved, four sausages and two slices of bread was all I could manage yesterday, but I could smell the sausages so that was a step forward! I have a couple of hospital appointments coming up so at least I will be able to get to them and be able to speak, albeit like a dalek. Bon is well on the road to recovery too, much perkier yesterday so hopefully he will be back to his normal self soon and back to eating more than chocolate buttons and porrige.

Thank you again, Boo, and chat soon I hope. N. xxx


  • Hi Nicolette
    Im so glaad you are starting to feel better, i know how hard it is to be ill and still try and look after a little one.
    You take care of yourself and i hope you feel completely better really soon xx
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