I think it's down to us tomorrow Lucy ..........!!!

.....to give all the girls lots of lovely messages to read when they get home from work!!
I know that Zoe, caroline dawn and Kas are all at work so unless Simone, Niclolette and Boo are around we'll just have to chat LOTS to keep PP going!!!


  • Oh and Sarah of course toom sorry if i've missed anyone else too! xx
  • That's a lovely idea Tasha, can't wait to see what you've been chatting about!!!!!
  • It will be lovely to chat to you! Thats a gorgeous picture of Reuben! how are you finding motherhood?! xx
  • Thankyou!!

    Poor little Reuben it's horrible when they have a cold that young. Our doctors do ask whether baby is poorly before giving jabs but say that its only really important when giving the MMR, its more to do with the fact that the jabs can make the baby feel a bit groggy anyway and the docs don't want to make them worse. Perhaps call them before you go x
  • Hi Tasha, what a nice idea,ill look forward to that.

    hi yummie mummie, what a cute piccie of Reuben.Our doctors usually say its fine to have the jabs if theyve had a cold, as long as they havent got a temperature with it, thats when they wont give them.
    Hope you get on ok tomorrow.

    Hope everyone had a good monday
    kas xx
  • p.s, Tash its the funeral tomorrow hun!! so ill def lok forward to some nice messages to read.

    kas xx
  • That will be nice although not sure what time i'll get to read them. Don't have too much fun without us!!

    Hi yummiemummie, it's nice to see someone else from my neck of the woods on here. I hope Reuben isn't too poorly with his cold and if he has his injections he isn't too groochy for you.

    Catch you all later.
  • Hi
    Affraid i have work today, so will look forward to reading some posts later.

    Hope you are all ok and yummymummy i love your picture xx
  • Oh sorry Kas i forgot it was today, hun. I hope it goes as well as these things can i'll be thinking of you all xxxxxx
  • OMG what a responsibility!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Well I'm about on and off today as I have to take one of my cats to the vets then I'm getting my hair done,(just so it can be rained on!!!)
    I've got to go to waitrose if we want to eat tonight and then really must sit and do my Tesco shopping. Started it yesterday, but The Gas man turned up to talk boilers so I lost my slot.
    Anyway Tasha, where are you????????
  • I'm here Lucy Sorry!!!!!!!
    just got back from my first breast feeding counsellors meeting! It went great and i've been booked to attend several antinatal sessions to tell pregnant women a little bit about the service and offer advice so thtas exciting!

    I'm at home for the day now so will be on and off seeing if anyones around! I'll be on tonight too as gillans near you at the moment and staying there overnight!
  • Hiya Boo! Aren't toy libraries fab?!! Our sure start has one and Ethan thinks it's such a treat!

    How are your two getting on? xxx
  • Is PP playing up for anyone else today?! It's being really really slow and yet the other sites i've been on have been fine, very frustrating!

    Lucy, Where are you?!!! hehe xxxx
  • Ok, think i'm going to have to start chatting to myself!
    Where are you all?!!

    will have to start singing Carolines' nobody loves me everybody hates me....' song in a min!!!!
  • Do you have a sure start near you yummymummy? they may well have one. If not there may be an independant one near you, (we're lucky and have both) your health visitor may even no of one.
    Basically you may need to pay a small joining fee and then at ours we look through to big books of photos and select the toys we'd like to borrow for two weeks and its 50p per item! I've borrowed things from musical instruments to dressing up clothes! x
  • Hi!

    The website seems ok tonight, I found it slow yesterday!

    Hope you are all ok.

    Zoe xx
  • Evening Everyone!!

    Hope you all had a lovely day x

    Mine was ok - work was soo busy so day went really quickly - which is never a bad thing
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