Summer Holidays!!

We actually booked ours this afternoon!!
We saved up the tokens with the sun newspaper and have booked a haven site in norfolk for September 8th! My hubby, gillan has also said we can have a weekend somewhere before then! As a stay at home mummy i feel lucky!

Hoseasons have some really nice places for hols in the UK and they state what type of places they are eg, lively or quiet so you can easily pick a baby friendly place


  • Hi - you can take babies further afield, they are pretty portable and sometimes it can be cheaper to go abroad than to stay in the UK. We took Bon to Madeira when he was around eight months and he enjoyed it, or maybe look into France, take the car and as long as your dad's dog is all jabbed up and has a passport, no issues with doggie. I do like Wales though, planning a short break there myself to 'do' the castles again.
  • Gillan obvioisy doesn't fancy a week in Mablethorpe being harrassed by me then???

    Which site have you booked Tasha? We went to a Norfolk Haven in May last year.
  • Hi girls,

    Not too sure what we are going to do yet. We will definately be going to the Lincolnshire coast at some point this year but not sure when. We have been looking at Centre Parks, or a Haven holiday, we may even try the Isle of White as neither of us have been there before. When we book something i'll let you know.
  • Caroline would you believe me if i said mablethorpe was our first choice?! But we put it down for May26th in fact we did 3 may dates and only got the september one but i think the weather may be nicer anyway. It was for the week after the baby show and would have been lovely to see you again. If the hols a success then we'll do it again next year and try for mablethorpe again

    It Haven Hopton we're going to (we didn't get Caister that we put down)
  • Well Jessica's passport has come through and i have put a holiday form in for work, so if all is ok we will be flying of to Gran Canaria on the 21st of Febuary.
    Its a shame Tony can't come but he can't afford the time of work at the moment, so hopefully we will get away later in the year some where in this country!
  • Hi all
    We missed the sun tokens,and not sure if we will have a holiday yet as theres so much going on.
    We've had chantelle for 6mths now and they are talking another 6mths so we cant realy make any plans till we no whats happening,might just send the kids to me mums and me and adi have a weekend break or something,hehe!

  • We are off to Menorca in July. It seems ages away, but we booked it last July so half way there already.
    Will probably do Centre Parcs again too as we had a great time there last november.

    Yummiemummie, I can understand you not wanting to go broard with a little one. We waited till ours were older. Katelin was 1 when we went to Florida last year and the heat was a bit much for her,(Not to mention the flight!!!!!!!!) eventhough she was 100% shaded and had a fan attatched to the buggy.
  • We'll probably go to the isle of mull(again!!!!), it's lovely but we've been so many times and there's only so much to see!!!!
    However, it will be lovely to be away from home for a few days so i won't complain. I just need to talk John into staying at our usual B&B, he's not keen but it would be so lovely to have somebody else make my breakfast for a change!!
    My dad's coming too, so we might even get to have a night out without Cameron!!
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