Good Morning!!!

I've sneaked on whilst I've got a few spare minutes!!

My morning routine went well, we were ready to leave the house by 7.20 and were sat outside nursery at 7.50 waiting for it to open!!!!!

School is OK so far! Hope you are all not missing me too much!!!!

Ta-ra for now!


  • Ohhh Caroline you naughty girl sneaking on at work!!!
    Seriously, it's lovely to hear from you and i'm glad it's going ok. Hope the rest of the day passes quickly for you. Missing you lots! Love Tasha xxxx
  • What's your job yummymummy?
    I hated my job, i was a nursery nurse and of course loved the kids but just couldn't stand the monotomy of it all every day was the same!
  • lol, thats good you have a back up planif you're not happy when you're back.
    When do you go back, is it full time?
    I have no idea what i want to do when the kids are at school!
  • Hiya Gracey!
    We're ok this end thanks, the weathers horrible so we're just chilling out at home! My mums having Ethan for me this afternoon so i'm going to potter and do some housework!
    How are your boys? xxx
  • Hi Caroline, sorry i missed your post yesterday, (how slow am i?), hope your day went ok. great that you got to sneak onto the comp!
    kas xx
  • I won't be sneakng onto PP again! I tried to get on it today and they have blocked it!!!!!!!!!!!

    So the kids can manage to get on porn sites and find out how to make bombs but I can't access PP!!! The world has gone mad!!
  • That's not fair!!!!!!!
    Glad you had a good day and well done for being so organised!! We rarely leave the house on time, Cameron usually waits for me to get his coat on and then decides to fill his nappy!!!
  • Helloooo

    This morning I managed to get my timings better, washed and dried my hair, got everything sorted and got to nusrery just after it opened!!!! Perfect!
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