Feel Good Post - back patting!

Hi Boo,

MMmmmmm what can I say? ....well, you like to keep us all entertained with your games and you have lots of good advice for us. You are easy to chat to.

Is that ok?

Zoe xx


  • Zoe has been sending me lovely PM's whilst I cope with back to work!!
  • Zoe sends me lovely private messages most mornings and also when she knows i'm a bit down and could use a friend she's very sweet!
  • Tasha is always here for a chat and advice should i need it! She also has the patience of a saint for putting up with a lot of "irritation" where Gillan and I are concerned!!!

    I feel like I have made a true friend here!! (same goes for Zoe!)
  • Caroline - shes fab to talk to - answer my silly question and isn't phased with anything - in the short time i've talked to her - I feel I have made a real friend
  • Awwww thanks Sarah!!
  • Ahhh Boo this is a lovely post
    Thanks Caroline!!!
  • Just read it girls..thanks that's made my night.
  • Sarahs been a brilliant Newbie! She's made an effort to reply to posts and is always very friendly! Oh and is already sneaking on at work to chat to us!!!
  • Ahhh Tasha that is so sweet - I tell you sneaking on at work is soo hard - as theres a massive PP sign that I have to cover lol
  • Well, im late in replying so here goes,

    Boos got a great sense of humour, and makes up fun new games for us to play. but is there with fab advice when needed.

    Zoe is very sweet and easy to talk to, and is great with advice as the kids get older.

    Caroline is funny and always up for a chat at any time. She also has a fab sense of humour. And shes got a very cute baby!!

    Tasha, well, ive been chatting to Tasha from the beginning, and really feel like ive made a real friend, in fact that goes for all of you, i cant wait till we all meet. Tasha is the same in person as she is online, just as sweet and caring. Oh, and shes a fab mummy!!

    Sarah is just mad!! lol, shes always up for a chat too, and i cant wait till she gets pregnant so that we can bombard her with advice hehe!!

    i know its supposed to be bout the last person to post, but everyone here is great, and i was late joining in.

    kas xx
  • Can i just say that you are all amazing people, i never thought when i joined pp that i would meet people like you all.
    You are always there for me if i need to rant, moan, need advice or for a laugh.

    I feel honoured to know you all xx
  • Think that is well said Simone!!!

  • Everyone is great,its like our own little sisterhood
  • You're all so easy to chat to and always on hand to offer great advice or a shoulder to cry on!!!!

    I never thought i would meet such genuine people when i joined pp, but you're all fab and i'm a total addict now!!!!!
  • Can I add that unusually for a forum there is no cliquey-ness, no bitchiness, and no one is judgemental. It is a pleasure to use this site because of the other people who use it and PP are very lucky!
  • That's a good question Boo. Being nice is easy and so rewarding why are the majority so miserable?

    This site is fab and I have some great friends as a result who will chat til all hours, make me laugh and have sympathy and compassion all at the right time.


    Zoe xx
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