Doctor's orders!

Having lost quite a bit of weight following my (ongoing but improving) bout of flu the doctor I saw at the hospital today advised me to eat chocolate! Hoorah!! Guilt-free indulgence and it is even in my ante-natal notes!

However, I won't go mad, the concept of being prescribed chocolate is a joy but I shall be sensible and not put all the weight back on, that would be silly. Baby is absolutely fine and growing well so there is no real issue. I was also prescribed some extra strength pain killers which are far more welcome right now.


  • Wow Nicolette!!! That is fab, good that you are getting better but also being told to eat choc! Get down to Thorntons!!

    Enjoy! I would!!!
  • Never heard of being prescribed chocci, you enjoy it!

    Also very glad to hear you are starting to feel better and that baby is ok xx
  • Hi Nicolette,

    Wow, being prescribed chocolate you lucky thing!!

    On a serious note it will be to keep your body sugars up with being pregnant and losing so much weight.

    I hope you are staring to feel better.

    Zoe xx
  • Good luck with that and hope it helps you out.

    Enjoy you eating sessions !

    Take care

  • hi nicolette, great news that you are on the mend. and fab news bout being told to eat choccie, mmmmmmm!! i think after all you've been through, you deserve a treat

    kas xx
  • hiya nicolette
    Thats great you're starting to feel better and Chocolate is definately the best medicine!!!
    Take care xxxx
  • Hi Nicolette, glad your feeling a bit better, as Caroline said head to Thorntons - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yummy!!! x
  • hey nicolette glad urfeelng better

    now u can eat chocolate for the both of us, as ive gone off chocolate!

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