yay robert starts nursary on tuesday!

and im bloody scared!


it was a lovely place, not too big not too small,

and a little girl has already fallen for robert! she kept cuddling robert and trying to hold his hand, it was so sweet

he starts tuesday doing 8-1 and then thursday 10:30 - 1

omg, i really hope hes going to be ok with being without me for so long on tuesday , but at least i get to come home do loads of housework!

aww my baby! hes going to grow up!



  • Hi Claire,

    It is a scary time for us mum's but the children need to go really, it does them good to be away from us for a bit. They soon make friends and it gets them ready for going to school.

    Charlotte starts on the 18th Feb, she is soooo ready for it I can't wait!!
  • Good luck hun im sure he will love it,i think the girls like a new lad in the class.
  • he'll be fine and so will you Claire
  • Good Luck Claire

    Its far easier than you imagine! Bronwyn has just completed her first week at nursery and loves it! I am so happy knowing that she is so well looked after!!
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