We survived

Well, my first week back at school has passed successfully! Bronwyn is settled at nursery and I feel like I've never been away from school.

Only 3 weeks till my half term!!!! Not that I am counting!!


  • I'm really glad this week was such a success Caroline! I hope the next 3 pass quickly for you then you can enjoy your week with Bronwyn!!! Take care xxxx
  • Have a lovely weekend together,and congrats on you 1st week.
  • We are going Christening Gown shopping at half term!!! I am also sorting out some kind of kids entertainment or goody bags!
  • How lovely
    We wanted to get riley christened but never got round to it as moved and adi was out of work at the time.Would still do it tho.
  • Well done for surviving the week, i hope you and Bronwyn have a lovely weekend xx
  • Weldone Caroline - glad your first week went well and Bronwyn has really settled aswell.

    Hope the next few weeks go fast!!!
  • Thanks Simone!
    Going to enjoy some quality time together! Walks along the seafront. Play time!! Also going to try a smoother puree for her lunch!!
  • I'm so glad your week went well for you Caroline.

    Enjoy your weekend with Bronwyn.

    Zoe xx
  • well done caroline and bronwyn!!
    replied in another post to you. didnt know this one was here. hope the next 3 weeks go just as smoothly for you.
    kas xx
  • That's fantastic Caroline!!!!!!
    Hope you've enjoyed your weekend and i'm sure those 3 weeks until half-term will just fly by!!
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