Not very intresting but....

The lounge almost has 1000 posts.


  • I take it you mean 10000!! Yep! i'd noticed that tooand ince we are all on here so much nowadays i think it may get to 20000 within the year!!!

    I really do think PP should be very proud of us all!!! hehe
  • Hiya,

    I had also noticed the number of posts in the lounge, but as so many of us have over 1000 posts on our own it's not surprising. We are good!!
  • WOW cool think you might be right tasha lol x
  • The lounge will break through the 10,000 barrier today!!
  • I bet it was boring on here before we all joined!!!!!hehehe
  • Thats the wine you see,i thought id put the rite number of zeros,but hey,you lot no what i mean. lol xx
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