morning girls

Eyes sting like mad this morning, jake woke from 2am, and took ages to settle in our bed! Hope his cough gets better.

Whats everyone up to today?



  • Morning Marie

    Sorry you had a bad night. Both of mine have had coughs lately and we have found tixylix cough medicine and boots expectorant a great help.

    We've got a busy day planned with 2 parties to go to! I'm facepainting at one of them and actually really looking forward to it!

    Are you up to much today? xx
  • Morning.

    Not really sure what we'll be up to today, had a busy day yesterday and husband was up late stripping wallpaper of little bedroom walls.

    Sorry your little man is poorly, hope he gets better soon.

    Zoe xx
  • Morning everyone.

    I'm so pleased with my little girl, she slept through from 10pm to 5am. She hasnt done that in a long while woohooo, it gave me some much needed sleep.

    Not sure what we are up to today, not much as Hollie is just getting over a cold. We were down my parents yesterday so think we will gp for a walk later and stay in the rest of the day. It's freezing and wet here though so i will wait and see.

    Hope you all have a good day.

    Karen xxx
  • Morning/Afternoon All,

    Well we've been out again for our 2hr walk - my legs are aching like mad now all that trekking

    Off out soon - having lunch at the pub which is great - no cooking woohoo!!! x

    Hope you all have a lovely day x
  • Sounds lovely Sarah.

    We've been at home today as James is decorating Charlottes room. It stopped raining for a couple of hours so the children put their wellies on and played outside for a while. It was nice to see them running round the garden in the fresh air, the dogs enjoyed it to! It's raining again so we are back indoors and so had to put a dvd on for them to watch. Quiet time is so nice!!

    Hope you have a good lunch, I have a stew in the oven for later!
  • Evening.
    I have cleaned right through the place and even scrubbed my carpets then used the carpet cleaner.
    Got megga arm ache.
  • My goodness Emma, you put us all to shame!! Put your feet up and have a glass of wine. You deserve it!
  • Oh yes,i shall,hubbys cooking tonite so that means his calling the chinese,yum yum.
    Will have me wine later while chatting when the kids are in bed.
  • Sounds like a perfect end to a hard day! Enjoy!
  • Sounds like you've all had a good day. We have watched bob the builder twice, in the night garden 3 times and postman pat loads! It has rained here all day! Jake quite whingy when he i say no! I guess most 2 year olds do! Jake tired coz up sooo early, wouldn't eat dinner, only sweets. I didn't give in! Jake fell asleep at 5.30pm, i hope he's not awake too early tomorrow! Must make sure i get early night, but i always say that!

    lol xxxx
  • Curry was yum,im off to bath the kids and then put them to bed(hopefully)will try and pop back on later.
  • Hi Girls!
    We've had a fab day, both parties were a great success!
    I'm really excited about my friends wedding since going to her luncheon today for those of you who don't know ethans going to be her pageboy on february 2nd so i can't wait!!!

    Both kids are asleep now so we're enjoying the peace!!! xxx
  • hiya, sounds like you all had fun, i chilled with the girls this morniing, then we took them to softplay this afternoon, that was a great success.

    got another busy week planned with work etc. What has everyone else got planned this week??
    kas xx
  • Well have quite a nice quiet week ahead with just the odd tots group or music class! Oh and then i'm seeing you on Friday!!!!!!
  • Hiya everyone

    Hope you're all well, it seems like ages since we last chatted!!!!
    We went to the supermarket this morning and then had a quiet afternoon at home, dad came over for tea so Cameron's had lots of fun playing with papa!!
    We've got another busy week, i'm working tomorrow and Tuesday, toddlers on Wednesday and i think we'll try and go swimming one day too!!!! There just aren't enough days in the week at the moment!!

    Dawn x
  • Hehe thats the way it should be Dawn!!! It sounds like you're really making the most of your days off!!!
    How's things with you? i hope Camerons well?!! xxxx
  • Glad you had fun and i bet he will look cute in a suit.
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