Hi I'm new

Hi Lexi,

Welcome to PP - I'm Sarah and i'm also ttc but i'm still learning loads about it all! lol

The girls on here are really great for advice so i'm sure someone will be on here soon to give you all the info you need x


  • Hi Lexi,

    Welcome to PP, I'm Zoe mum to Jack and Charlotte.

    Deciding to start a family is exciting, but don't put pressure on yourself wanting to get pregnant straight away, until it happens you have no idea how long it will take you to get the positive result. Just make sure you eat a good balanced diet and go easy on the alcohol or even cut it out completely. Try to stay relaxed about it all, getting stressed can delay conception.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

    Zoe xx
  • I really hope you get the result relatively soon. Jack took us three months to conceive and Charlotte was a shock!! I was lucky really, sometimes it takes longer. Just enjoy it!!
  • Hi Lexi,

    Like Zoe said try and stay relaxed about it. People usually fond that if it is taking a while to get pregnant then they stress about it but as soon as they stop thinking about it 24/7 it happens.

    Hollie was conceived in the 1st month with us so we were really lucky. But i now how much it takes over your life thinking about it. Keep it fun because even if it doesnt work in the first month its still fun trying he he.

    Karen xxx
  • That's good. It's so exciting all these newbies ttc. Can't wait for a BIG FAT POSITIVE!!
  • Hi Lexi Welcome to PP! I don't really have anymore advice for you but i totally agree with everything the others have said. It unfortunately took me a while to conceive my first but like Zoe and Karen said as soon as we relaxed and went on holiday (!) it happened!!!

    Oh also i don't want to get into too many details but raising your legs and bum after the deed is supposed to help!!!!!
    Good Luck and keep us posted!!!!!!
  • Hi Lexi

    Im emma mum to riley and chantelle.
    Same as all the rest,relax and have fun while you ttc.

    Best of luck.
  • Hi Lexi

    Welcome to pp and good luck in ttc. We are trying for our second. I fell within 3 months with Jake but seems to be taking longer this time after coming off the injection thingy. Keep positive.

    lol. xxx
  • hi lexi, welcome to pp,
    im kas and mum to niamh and tara.

    just enjoy the trying and try not to get too stressed out.

    look forward to seeing the post marked " im pregnant"

    kas xx
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