Just wondering if your niece has made an appearance yet?


  • oh yes good topic Lucy.

    Any news???
  • aaaaarrrrgghhh, NO!!!!!!!!
    im soooo impatient, its a week and a day overdue now. shes got an appointment in the morn with the docs, but it doesnt sound like they do the stretch n sweep over there (they dont even have antenatel appointments, just docs to take blood pressure and check bubs is ok), then they will start her off thursday.

    thanks for the post lucy, very sweet of you to ask!!
    kas xx
  • Kas .......There must be some news now surely!!!
  • would you believe me if i said no???!!

    well, shes being taken in thursday to be induced.
    will let you know though.
    think my bro is getting fed up with all my texts lol
    kas xx
  • woo hoo, i have news!

    peters just rung to say winnies gone into labour!! they are on way to hospital. yay. hopefully be an auntie soon!!

    will come back on later if i have any more news

    kas xx
  • OOOH its sooo exciting.
    Thank goodness she did'nt need to be induced.
    So just a waiting game for you now!!!!
  • Yeah!!! Can't wait to hear all about it, Auntie Kas!!
  • hehe, im like a big kid,
    well, shes 3-4 cm dilated and contractions are 3mins apart.

    i keep texting my bro for updates (poor bloke). wont be on much this eve, so hopefully next time i come on, my little new niece will be here.

    hope you all have lovely evenings and your days have been ok.
    take care
    kas xx
  • Oh how exciting!!

    Don't forget to keep us posted Kas!!!!! x
  • That's so exciting!!!!!!
    Hope her labour isn't too long!
  • well ladies, i found out at 7.45ish that my beautiful baby niece Shania Rose has entered the world! 7lb 5oz.

    nice short labour!! no stitches needed. Mum and baby doing very well. Daddy is in shock ive never heard him sounding so scared.

    anyway, ant and i are going to start our nite in, but he told me to come on and post.

    hope you are all well, and thanks for starting this post.
    kas xx
  • Hi Aunty Kas
    Really pleased for you, i bet you can't wait to see her.
  • i cant wait, but unfortunately, ill have to wait approx 6 weeks as they live in Ireland, so it'll be the christening before i get to see her.
  • Fantastic news Kas.

    Pass on our congratulations to them.

    She was a good weight, and no stitches, lucky thing!!

    Take care, Zoe xx
  • OH kas congratulations on becoming an auntie!!!!

    I've only just read it as none of the new posts are highlighted for me.
    Hope mum and buba are doing well and that is such a pretty name.
  • Brilliant news Kas!!!!

    Huge congratulations to your brother and his partner xx
  • Congratuilations Kas!!!

    I've only just seen all these messages sorry!!!!
    I hope their all doing great! xxxxx
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