Pics of Hollie.

I don't know how to resize pics to put on her ticker, so thought id post some here to show you what she looks like.

Ok i cant cut and paste them......How do i do it?


  • You could register with photobucket, it's the easiest way to post photographs. you simply upload them into an album on the site then select which ones you want to put on here, click on generate code and select clickable thumbnails for messageboards then simply paste that into your message, if you have any problems get in touch.

    I'm afraid i can't really help you with your photo for lilypie though, i usually just take a photo on my phone making sure the resolution is low enough!!!

    Good luck!! Tasha xxxx
  • ok thanks tasha, i will see what i can do once i have fed hollie. all the pics on the laptop are from my phone but they are apparently too big i could try turning the resolution down on my phone first though.
  • I hope you manage it, it will be Lovely to see some piccies of her!!!!
  • ok ain't got a clue how to do it from photobucket, but done it from my flickr account instead.

    so here are pics of Hollie if anyone wants to see!
  • ok if you click on the link then click on where it says kaz huggins' photostream on the right you can view them all i think.

    hope it works!
  • Hiya,

    Just done it, she is soooo sweet. I love the one you've titled 'i'm a bear'.

    At least you know it's worked and you've had a viewing! I hope you get your head around the tickers and get her on your signature, she really is lovely.
  • aaahh, they are so cute, taras got one of those learn and grrove centres too, they are great arent they?

    Hollies a real cutie!!

    kas xx
  • She's very cute.
    I see she's already in charge of the tv remote control.
    I love the one of her in the blanket, its so sweet.
    What a proud mummy you must be.
  • Aw thanks for all your lovely comments.

    She is in charge off almost everything including the remote and our bed lol.

    Kas that learn and greoove is amazing she loves it even though shes too small to really play with it. But she loves hitting her hands on the keyboard and making the keys light up. Although Ian plays with it just as much as she does he he.
  • Karen, they're all really lovely! I adore the ones of her curled up in bed!! Oh and she's got the same car seat amber had so good choice!!!!! She's gorgeous!! xxx
  • Thankyou she looks a spit of her hoo.The only thing that she has of mine are big blue eyes, which are now turning brown like her dadi's lol.

    Dawn-we did have a good christmas thanks, did you? Ian, Hollie and i spent christmas day quietly at home then a hectic day at my parents on boxing day with 3 of my sisters, my brother and his girlfriend and 2 of my nephews and my niece. It was a lot noisier than christmas day lol but we all enjoyed it.

    Tasha-we have the pramette too and Hollie loves it.Although she cant go in it as a pram anymore as she hates lying down because she cant see what's going on. I've just put the cosytoes in for her and taken her for a walk sitting up, she wouldnt go to sleep because she was too nosy watching the world go now i have a grumpy baby yey lol.

    Karen xxx
  • Oh Hollie is just gorgous!!!!!!! x
  • thankyou.

    at the moment she is sitting on my lap being a pain and not quite so gourgeous, she is dribbling everywhere.
  • They are great pictures Karen, she is gorgeous you must be very proud.
  • thankyou simone.

    i love that picture you have of jessica in black and white. Where did you have that done?
  • I had some pictures taken when the photographer was at woolworths and i cheated and took a picture of it to get it on here!
  • Hollie has hers this week in boots with pixifoto. We had a voucher for a free sitting and photo in the bounty hospital bag i had after having her.

    I would like a nice black and white one of her.

    Jessica's really pretty, she's got a cute smile. How old was she in that photo?
  • Thanks Karen, she was 11months when i had them taken, so it is a bit old now.

    Be carefull when you go for your free sitting as that is what i did and they took loads of photos and i loved them all and ended up spending £120!
  • Lol i would be like that too, but Ian will keep me from buying them all anyway as he has already said we arent going to spend a fortune on them.
  • What a gorgeous little girl!!!!!!!
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