When i first went to meet Kas i totally expected her to have an irish accent knowing that she'd grown up there but she actually doeasn't have much of one which really threw me!! I always think of Dawn talking with a scottish accent especially when she writes things like 'wee boy' etc!

I don't think i have any particular accent and can't think of anythings i say that are particularly northamptonish!!! However i was born in birmingham and lived there for four years so when i go to visit relatives i always slip back into it!!!


  • I have a very non descript Lincolnshire accent, I can throw a bit of Yorkshire in and when with a scouser I re-develop a scouse accent!!! Bit of a mix!!
  • I didnt think i had an accent until i went to uni in edinburgh and everyone told me i had a welsh accent. But i also picked up scottish phrases so i used to speak scottish with a welsh accent.

    i used to get asked all the time if i said boyo and i didnt think i did til i said to my dog 'do you want to go for a walk boio?' so perhaps i do sound welsh.
  • Hi all,

    Well I don't have a broad Derbyshire accent but I have been told you can tell i haved lived all my life in Derby!! I do say things like..." Ay up me duck" and "how ya diddlin'?" but then that's normal to me!!
  • I'm from South London and have been told I sound like a cockney lol

    Since being with my OH I think my london accent has mellowed as hes got a posh surrey accent so I think I have a mix of two? x
  • Well im affraid i have a real Berkshire accent and to me i sound like a farmer!
  • The show meet up will be funny then!!
  • I will make sure i put on a posh accent!!
  • hehe, id not really thought about it. im not sure what accent i have, probably a northamptonshire accent.
    but when i go to ireland, it completely comes back to me!!

    i always hear dawns accent though, and graceys, as i know which part shes from, so i can imagine it.
    as for everyone else, i relally cant imagine.
    cant wait to meet you all though.

    kas xx
  • One thing I will say about Simones accent is when she says the word 'but' it comes out 'buuut'. But other than that she sounds perfectly normal.!!!!!!!!!! hehehe
    I have a mixture of a Hampshire accent with London tones.(commom some might say)
  • Do I really do that Lucy, i have never noticed!

    You do have a light hampshire accent, but i would not call it common!
  • I dont realy have one,born and grew up in dagenham,then moved to colchester,there is a farmish accent in clacton tho but its mainly all the old generation.
  • I suppose i always thought of Kas and Gracey speaking with an Irish accent.

    I don't have a very broad scottish accent as we live very near the border with England and my mum was from liverpool so she spoke with a real scouse accent. Hope if i make it to the baby show Tasha and Kas aren't disappointed, i'll try my best to put on a very broad Glaswegian accent for you !!
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