Hi Kirsty. I have two cats, pretty boring really, but they are very good with my boy and hopefully will continue to be as good with the new one when she makes her appearance. A friend of mine has managed to have a baby in a fairly normal house with four Belgian Shepherd pedigrees and still finds time to show them.


  • With so many dogs do you ever call them by the wrong name? I do and I only have two!!

    Well to answer you I have two dogs Molly, 11 year old mongrel and Maggie, 3 year old English Springer, I also have a large fish tank with 9 fish in.

    Nice idea to put a photo on. Will put my dogs on when I get chance.

    Zoe xx
  • Hi, I'm Emma, Tasha's sis!
    We have just had a new dog last saturday as we lost our beloved red border collie, Ruby on 18th dec, (think Tash might have told some of you that?!) our new dog, Jet is a 5 or 6 month rescue border collie, perhaps with a mix of something else! He's not long haired like your beautiful sheepdogs Kirsty, but has shown just how wonderful these dogs are with children, he bonded with them on the 1st visit and hasn't left my 2year olds side, sleeping outside the kids bedrooms! I'm sure it will be wonderful for Ben to grow up with such great 'best friends!' x x
  • We have 2 yellow bellied turtles called Mr Tumble and Makka Pakka!!!! We've had them since September and they're growing at a scary rate!! This is a photo of Mr Tumble shortly after we got him!

  • We don't have any pets, but i would love a cat but my partner won't let me have one. My mum has four cats so i take Jessica to see them and she loves it!

    Kristy- Is that where you live, you are so lucky i would love to live somewhere like that!
  • We have one cat called Murphy and she is a total pain. Since Hollie has been born she is jealous of her and refuses to leave Ian's side. She gets stood on all the time by him because she is like a dog and follows him everywhere, even to the toilet.

    And because she doesnt get on with dogs, I am not allowed to have my dog living with us. So i deserted him by leaving him with my parents when i went to uni and now i'm back i'm not allowed to have him again. He is a 5 year old red and white welsh sheepdog called Cadi.

    He he hopefully one day Murphy will get lost in the garden and then we can have Cadi.
  • We have 2 cats. Gus who is ancient and felix who is only 10 months.
    I love having them around and they are both really good with the children.
    Gus is top cat in our road, but is getting very old and is ready to pass the title onto Felix.
  • Not got any as we live in a flat at the mo.
  • We don't have any pets at the moment, although John has promised that we can have a cat once we get round to buying our own house!!
  • Here's a photo of Maggie my 3 year old English Springer and I thought i'd pop in a photo of the kids too!!

  • Oh my sorta topic

    I have two cats - a black and white cat called Ty and a tabby called Skittle.

    Then we have a lurcher called Vito and a JR called Murphy
  • Aaaaahhhhhhhhh, Murphy is so cute!!

    Vito has a butter wouldn't melt look.

    The cats look like they enjoy just chillin'!!
  • Zoe,
    charlotte looks such a little angel I cant believe she kept you up half the night last week.
    Did you make it up??? hehehe
  • If I was going to get a dog it would be either a lurcher/greyhound/whippet.
    I think they are such loving dogs.
    Zoe's right, vito has 'that' look about him.
  • She is my beautiful little girl and all is always forgiven the moment she smiles at me!!

    she is sitting with me now giving me kisses!! How can you fall out with that?

    I know it's just a phase we needed to work through, didn't make it any easier though.

  • I have finally managed to upload a pic of Murphy.

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