Pics of Ben

Hi Kirsty,
I'm lucy
I have just finished reading your birth story. How traumatic
for you all.
I'm so pleased that Ben is doing well now and that he'll be home with you within the month.
He's tiny but so perfect.
How much does he weigh now?
Please keep us posted on how well he's doing and we can do a 'welcome home' post especially for Ben, when you get to take him home.
Hopefully you'll still have time to pop on to pp now and then so we can keep in touch.
Take care
Lucy xxx


  • Thanks for sharing your pictures with us, he looks very content.

    Can't wait to see some 'I'm home' photo's.

    Take care, Zoe xx
  • Hi Kristy
    What lovely photos, as Lucy has said he may be tiny but is perfect.
    I really hope he comes home soon for you xx
  • Hi Kirsty,

    I have also just read your birth story, it was horrible hope it hasn't put you off having anymore if you wanted more before.

    Ben is adorable. I love the picture of him and his Rabbit.

    Karen xxx
  • awww he is so gorgeous

  • Oh He really is so lovely! tiny but despite everything doesn't he look well?!!
    I can't wait to hear from you telling us he's on his way home!!!!
    Take care xxxx
  • Hi Kirsty. He looks ever so well, a good size as well, you must be so pleased. I can't be long before he's home, surely, are they just waiting for him to put on weight or are there other issues preventing him from coming home? Have they mentioned maybe letting him home still with the feeding tube?

    Good luck. N.xx
  • wow, what a perfect little bundle. he really is beautiful.

    cant wait to hear when he'll be home, he looks so strong.

    kas xx
  • Hi Kirtsy

    What a cute tiny little bundle of Joy! He looks like a right darling. What does he weigh in those piccies?? I gave birth to a toddler and so never got the tiny or even small baby stage!!!
  • Hi Kirsty

    Your pictures of Ben are lovely, he's a real handsome little chap!!!

    Take care xx
  • OMG What a stunner - sooooo cute!!!!

    I read your bith story too! you seem to have been through alot!!!

  • Hi Kirsty,
    Ben is absolutely gorgeous! Glad to hear that he is doing well.
    x x x
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