Any ideas?!


Brain Picking time!!!!!

My friends getting married a week on saturday and Ethans going to be her paigeboy! I was unable to go to her hen night as Gillan was going to China the next day plus nowadays, nightclubbing in London is a bit beyond me!

Instead, i'm taking her out to dinner on thursday night and her 17yr old bridesmaid, her sister mum and mil are now coming too which will be lovely but means i can't do a few rude bits (courtesy of my sil an ann summers rep) at the table!
I'd like to do something whenther its little tokens at the table, a quiet clean game or a gift for her, i know the effort would be appreciated! Obviously it's on a budget too!

Anyone got any ideas???
Thanks in advance girls!!! xxxxx


  • oh rude bits are fine lol

    My friends on my hen night did loads and my mum - mil 2B - mil's sister and my aunts were there.

    So defo allowed and you could call it a second hen night lol they'll love it.
  • I'm sure a few rude bits would be ok!!!!
    Caroline's sure to have some great suggestions for you!!
  • Of corse a few rude bits would be fine.Gotta have fluffy handcuffs or something like that.hehe!
  • hi girls actually the bride said i couldn't do rude bits!!!!
    That's why i'm stuck for ideas as i think shes actually expecting me to have done a little something!!
  • Try some wedding bell confetti the silvery type ones and a willy straw(ann summers) i have many parties and love nippin in the shop for a bargin(got a straw of my own amongst other things hehe!)Or willy earings.
  • Why is my name mentioned here? I am pure as the driven snow!!!!!!!!

    By the way, the ann summers website has a hen party section!!! I personally would kill anyone who tried to get stuff like this for my hen party, but then i intend on having a pampering hen party!!!

    my mate was set silly challeges on her hen night, like kiss a bare bottom (chair bottom) etc etc.
  • Thanks for all your ideas!
    The meal was last night and we had a lovely time, In the end i stuck to very safe and got her a getting married helium balloon and everyone had a single boxed thorntons chocolate as a favour
    They were all really pleased with their choc and even chose not to have a pud just that and a coffee!!!
    It was lovely to spend some quality time with suzy as we struggle to meet up nowadays so it was great
  • Hi Tasha
    Really glad you had a nice evening and everyone was happy with what you did.

    Still can't believe we are meeting up on monday, i have never wanted a weekend to go so quick!lol

    Hope you have a nice day and chat later xx
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