yummy mummy - yeah right!


I am having a frazzled mum moment - is there such a thing as a yummy mummy?!?! As i right this my boobs are leaking i havn't washed my hair in nearly a week i have snot and dribble(my childrens i hasen to add!) over my shoulders and trouser legs; And i think i just found a spagetti hoop glued to my ear. Hey ho wouldn't change a thing though! well maybe the leaky boobs that didn't look like a near empty water baloon........


  • Oh Pip!
    You are funny!!!! You have really made me smile tonight so thanks!!!

    Did find any more hoops????
  • Sorry Pip but you have really made me laugh, i feel like that most days, apart from the leaking boobs!lol
  • That is so funny and for most of us so true.
  • Well one nice hot shower later and i feel sooo much better! At least the spagetti, snot, dribble and hair situation is sorted out! Boobs still bad but hey rome wasn't built in a day!
    This is my first week having all 3 children on my own as hubby gone back to work after paternity leave so all in all it's not been bad. Everyone fed, dressed and not left in dirty nappies for too long! Now enjoyinging a sneaky glass of wine to celebrate!
  • Well done Pip, hope you enjoy your well earned glass of wine!
  • Well done Pip on successfullt surviving the week!!!!
    Enjoy your wine, you've definately earned it!!!
    Take care xxx
  • hehe Pip = bless ya and congratulations in surviving today x
  • Lol

    Hope you enjoyed your glass of wine, it sounds like you earned it!!!!
    I have enough trouble coping with one little monster, never mind 3 of them!!
  • Good idea Boo!!!
    When i was pregnant i decided that once i'd had the baby i would do just that, one night a week John could be in charge and do all the 'mummy' jobs and i would go for a nice long soak in the tub. It didn't really happen though until recently, but i love my one night where i don't have to do dishes, bottles, etc!!!!
  • My aunt maintains that you don't get back to normal until a year after a birth and she was right in my case. But there are a few things you can do to make yourself feel better. I decided one day to not wear slobbys just because I wasn't going out or couldn't be bothered, I would wear some of the lovely things in my wardrobe and enjoy them. I would shower with Bon in the bathrom with me, or put him in the cot for some 'mobile time' (swtich on his mobile that would amuse him for around 20 mins). Wear some make-up, if only a touch of blusher and mascara and now I wear tinted moisturiser for an instant pick-me-up, I need moisturiser anyway but this way I don't have to worry about foundation as well. I have a few nice things in my wardrobe that don't need ironing. I like to try and make a few minutes for myself during the day, even if it means a little bit less sleep in the evening - sometimes the sacrifice is worth it to be 'me' and not 'mummy / wife' for a while. Little things can add up to make you feel better, just like they can to make you feel worse!
  • well done pip, you sound like you deserve a night of being pampered and not being mummy!!

    Your first post was so funny, im sure everyone reading it was nodding in agreement!! lol

    take care and enjoy!!
    kas xx
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