William's in trouble with the police!!!!!!!!!!

Not really, but it gave us a scare!!
This is a long story, so bear with me!!!
We all went for a walk on the common about 5 miles away from us this morning. We took the van and parked it on one of the small car parks on the edge of the heath, Adam took our dog, Jet and William off up one of the paths while I got Sophie and her friend Maegan into their wellies! Jet (new to us and VERY untrained) had been let off his lead and ran straight back into the carpark, so I had to leave the van open and run after him! Anyway, Jet soon settled down and we had a lovely 45minute walk. On our return, we noticed that a police car was in the car park. William was so excited and Sophie kept joking that they were there to arrest him! Imagine my horror when the police car parked up alongside Adam and asked if it was our van and told us that it had been reported stolen?!!! Turns out that somebody (apparently a concerned citizen - I think more like interfering!) had seen me run away from the van leaving bags of wellies strewn everywhere, so had jumped to the conclusion that the van had been stolen!!
Anyway, the police woman was lovely and really chatty to the girls, so we didn't notice what our little monster was upto - he only threw a stick on the police car bonnet!! I WAS MORTIFIED!!!!!! Adam was so embarrassed that he threatened to have william locked up!! - I think Will believed him and quickly apologised VERY nicely - don't think he'll be doing anything like that again!
Please tell me that this is normal 2/3 year old behaviour and I don't really have a monster in the making?!!


  • I think that's typical Emma. My 3 year old niece told my cousin that she was fat yesterday!!! How embarassing!!! My cousin is on the large side, but took it well and pretended to tell her off. Aimee was scared and hid behind Grandma so we had to coax her back out! A few weeks ago she also told my mums friend that she looked like an old granny! To be fair, she was only telling the truth (on both occasions)!

    Kids eh?
  • I'm not sure that today has had the effect on William that we had hoped for! He has been telling everyone about the NEE-NAH and I'm sure that he's plotting the next naughty deed that will ensure that he has a ride in it!!

    As you say Caroline, kids eh?!!
  • Hi Julie. The book idea is great, I keep one for Bon, intermitently, with entries for his birthdays, events, trips out to the zoo etc, a list of his first words. I got a lovely handmade paper one with a great big red heart on the front, but I only own one pen that will write on the paper and I've mislaid it so I can't add in stuff about his new nursery! I keep a diary of my pregnancy as well with pictures of the scans and updates on appointments as well as what I have been up to. N. xx
  • Hi Julie,
    One of my hobbies is 'scrapbooking' it' s a fab way to record these moments, so I took a photo of William by the (new) van, I'm going to print off the original post then make it all into a 'page' that way I can plague him with it when he's older!!

    Just you wait til he brings his 1st girlfriend home!!

    Emma x
  • My daughter Sophie is 5 now and she adores looking through some of her special baby clothes. I kept the ones that meant the most to me - like the dress that my Dad chose all on his own and the outfit she came out of hospital in.

    Holly wont think you're mad, when she's our age, I'm sure they will be her most treasured possesions.

  • Hi Julie. You should speak to Caroline (Caroline31), she is into crafts and making things. She made her Xmas cards and did albums of pictures of her daughter for her relatives as presents. I'm pretty hopeless, I've started to do a set of ears to attach somehow to a wig for the giant in 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and I'm stalling now, don't know how to do it. I'm better at sketching than making things, and I'm better at pencil sketches than watercolours or oils which really annoys me as black and white can be sooooo boring.
  • oh emma, what a funny story.
    im sure this is normal behaviour (at least i hope it is, or we all have monsters in the making).

    bless him!!

    I think they all do stuff that really makes us cringe but is funny when you look back on it

    kas xx
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