fao Tasha

Just wanted to say that I hope the wedding goes really well and that Ethan has a lovely day being Suzy's paigeboy.
He is such a handsome little lad and I bet he will look even more handsome in his suit!
You'll have to post a picci of him in it and one of Amber in her highchair.
Have a wonderful day xxxxxxxx


  • Same here Tasha, hope you all have a lovely day and i bet Ethan will look gorgeous xx

    Lucy- Have you seen the pictures i posted!
  • Ahhh Thanks Lucy!!

    I'm really excited and Ethan is too!!! I'll be sure to put plenty of photos on and will take one of amber in her chair too although she won't be eating as the pears aren't ripe yet!!

    How are you? Have any plans for the weekend? And are you feeling ok about next week? Remember where i am if you need a chat xxxxx
  • Yep. I look like I'm catching flies
  • Thanks Tash.
    Yep I feel a bit better about it now. Just want it over and done with now.
  • Tasha, i hope the weather is nice for you!!! Otherwise you could be chasing your wrap in the wind!!!

    Make sure you take lots of piccies!!! We'll look forward to seeing them soon!!

    Hope you all have a lovely day!!
  • At least you're wearing black, Tash so it won't matter if Ethan gets grubby hand prints on you!!What's Amber wearing?
  • yay, tash, what a fab weekend planned, you'll be so proud tomorrow (im sure you are everyday) but he will look so cute in his suit. wonder how many girlfriends he'll have by tomorrow nite!!

    lucy, i echo what tash says. and dont forget we are here to chat to when you need it.

    take care all
    kas xx
  • Thanks ladies. I'm so glad I will have pp to occupy me.And I wont feel guilty either ,yay
  • Good Luck Tomorrow Ethan!!!

    Have a lovely day tomorrow Tasha!!! x
  • Good Luck tomorrow Ethan!! Aunty Em promises to give you a big bag of sweeties if you walk down the aisle all on your own!!
    Don't worry Tash, whatever happens, he will look so gorgeous, that anything he does will just look cute!!
  • Thanks Girls!!

    I'm sure it will go great, i'm so looking forward to it!
    Emma, Ambers wearing a cream very fancy dress the one she wore on christmas day!! I'm also taking a spare pink dress!!!

    Will try to get on here on sunday (before my dads 60th bday party) to fill you all in!!

    Take care, hope you all have a great weekend xxxx
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