Large glass of wine and a box of chocs!!

Well, seeing as Adam's gone out enjoying himself and the kids are fast asleep, thought I should treat myself!!



  • And why not????? Think I will join you
  • You, have a glass of wine Lucy???

    Make it a small one!!!!
  • I know its unheard of but heyho
  • No!! Make it a large one, I have!!
    Why Lucy? Does it react quickly with you?!!!!
  • No they all think I'm a bit of an alchie. Its so not true.
    But yeah! I'll make it a large one hehehe. and the twirl and toblerone are coming out too!
  • Have finished the box of chocs, (there wasn't that many left!) So have just raided the chocolate fondue set that I was given for christmas!! You can forget heating it up, what a waste of time when you just need a sweet fix!!

    p.s Have also filled up my glass!!
  • Glad I'm not the only one who raids the childrens sweety basket!! Although mine ARE old enough to eat it!!

  • Mine are too so I have to replace whatever I pinch. But I do have my own box of numpties
  • Lucy, what are numpties?!!!
    Julie, you won't have to keep it stocked, as soon as they reach 4 or 5 years old, they get invited to so many parties that the party bags alone will fill any normal sized basket!!
  • Numpties are sweets and chocolate and other treats.
    We used to have a numptie cupboard, but now its just a box
  • Maybe the wine's getting to us all already?!!!
  • How on earth did you come up with 'numptie' as a word for sweets and treats?!! It's great though, think I might come up witha secret code for when me and Tash are planning on a chocolate binge!! My hubby always stands over me to see just how much I'm buying!
  • well I am on my 2nd. what about you?
  • 2nd!! Feeling it now, typing slower and keep spelling everything wrong!! Although that might just be because I'm tired, but I am determined to stay awake until Adam gets home, as I have barely seen him this week as we have both been working so hard! Don't mind him going out though - it means he owes ME a night off!!
  • Night Julie, Night Hollie!!
  • I am with you Julie! A numptie is an idiot or someone who does stupid things!

    I did live in Liverpool for 4 years so that may be where i get the expession from??
  • I've called them numpties since I was a child. I've also heard people say numptie for doing something daft.
    Think it suits sweets better though.
  • Actually, think I've heard of numptie for someone doing something silly!
    Funny how these words are regional isn't it? Where I'm from (northamptonshire) we call someone silly a plonker, but now that I live in Wolverhampton, my hubby says I can't say that as it means a mans-you-know-what!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, I never knew that!!
  • Thats funny Emma
  • Evenning Girls ( and sister)
    How's the wine and choccies going??!!

    I have neither, just a sleeping baby on my lap!!!!
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