FAO Karen

Hiya Karen
Been thinking about you today. How did your proposal go??? I hope you got the answer you wanted.

Let us know what happened!!


  • Oooooh! Yes, can't wait to hear all about it! Hope you have had a fantastic day!!

  • I also hope it went well and you got the right answer!
  • oooh, please tell us!! cant wait to hear!!
    kas xx
  • OOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Whats the news Karen?! Hope it all went well!!! x
  • Hi Karen,

    I too have been thinking of you today. Even my hubby asked if he said yes!! He does show an interest from time to time!!

    Anyway as the others have said would love to know the answer. Hope it went well for you.

    Zoe xx
  • Hi everyone, thanks for the good luck messages on the other post because they worked and Ian said YES!!!!!!

    Yey ha ha im so chuffed, even though it took him long enough.

    Hollie was up at half 7 sat morning so i took her downstairs and tried to keep her quiet so Ian could kip. We woke hom at 10 and gave him his cards, and he put them down and went back to sleep lol. We had to rush out then because we went down my parents for the day. I kept asking him if he had read my card and he said no.

    I have only just had the answer now, he kept telling me he hadn't read it just opened it and put it up. He made me make him a cup of tea and promised he would read them and he told me he hadnt. Then i made him another cup of tea, and he has told me he read it yesterday but thought it would be fun to tease me and tell me he hadnt.

    Anyway he has just said yes! Woohooo!

    I'm so pleased for you both.

    You must of been sooooo nervous all of yesterday.

    Many congratulations.

    Zoe xx
  • Excellent!!


    What a meanie, making you wait like that!!!!
  • Yeah, congratulations, so glad he said yes to you.

    Can't believe that he pretended he hadn't read the cards and kept you waiting!
  • Big CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Thats fantastic!!
    Can't believe he did that to you!!
  • Thankyou, he also told me i could only ask on valentines day, so was going to wait until then to answer me.
  • Congratulations hun,so happy for you,now you can start all your planning.

  • hurray!!
    well done you, what a cheeky sod to make you wait!! at least it was the right answer. you were very brave, big congrats to you

    kas xx

    Such fab news!!!
  • Huge Congratulations Karen!!!!!
  • Congratulations Karen and Ian AND Hollie!!!!
    That's fab news, but that really was very mean of him, I hope you are plotting payback - April 1st maybe?!!!!
  • Thankyou all of you for the congratulations.

    Sarah- we havent decided yet, but i would like to wait until Hollie can walk down the aisle to be a flower girl with my niece. And she is only 4 months so will be a while yet, also need to save up and ideally i would like a summer wedding.

    Emma he is mean ha ha! I will get my revenge sure enough, i will think of something to get him back.
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