will my sex drive ever return

I can't help Sarah but I really hope you get things sorted soon x


  • Hi Sarah,

    I really hope you can work things out. I have to say for me things returned to normal after a couple of months after each birth. We don't do it as regularly as we used to but with children you have to make the most of the times you can tmi!!!

    It is different for everyone. Can you get a babysitter overnight and you two go out on a 'date' to regain some of the spark that got you together in the first place? Just to be together for some time and not worry about the next feed or whatever can make you feel like husband and wife and not mum and dad.

    I hope that helps you. xx
  • I wouldn't worry too much. Everyone is different. I have to admit that we were back to normal within 6 weeks of the birth, although with my partner being away for months at a time we needed to! Given the option I would probably have left it longer but didn't know when our next opportunity would be. TMI i know!!

    One of my friends didn't have sex for 10 months after the birth of her son and then got caught pregnant straight away! Ooops!

    I agree that going on a date and doing things that you can do together as a couple are probably a good idea. Don't put pressure on yourself as that will only tense you up and make you more worried! As corny as it sounds, what about a massage which is physicl without being sexual??

    I hope I have been of some remote help withing these ramblings!!!!
  • Hi Sarah. Welcome to PP, nice to have another newbie on here, hope you find the site useful and supportive.

    It can be very difficult to get back to where you were relationship-wise after the birth of a child, you are a mother now and some people do see the dual roles of mother and sexual partner difficult to reconcile. As the other girls said, don't worry about it, everyone is different. What is important is to try and rekindle the spark that got the two of you together in the first place by taking time out to be a couple again, leaving the baby with a relative or friend. Do something that you used to do as a couple before the baby came along, a favourite hotel, restaurant, beach, field, whatever, but something that means something to you as a couple and not as parents. If you are really concerned, there is always your GP or counselling to see if there is a problem other than simply baby in the house.

    Good luck, and let us know how you get on, and do feel free to join in the other conversations.
  • Oh thats great, enjoy your date!
    It's very easy to always put the kids first and forget to be a couple, we certainly do at times! We're planning an evening out for our wedding anniversary it's nearly a month away but i'm so looking forward to it!!!
    Anyway, enjoy your evening!
  • Good luck with your Date Sarah - don't forward to let us know how you get on? x
  • Hi sarah
    Im kinda like hollie,i never got mine back and rileys 3 but i know my thyriode has a part to play in it.Cant say id have thought to go to my G.P. about it but we do find things go alot better when we get quality time together and have time fot it instead of just geting down to it.
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