My Little Superstar!!!

As Emmas already said, Ethan was a complete star yesterday and was the perfect pageboy! It turned out he led completly on his own at the front with the bridesmaids behind the bride so i think it was an amazing thing for a little one to do (proud mum)!! I have to say he looked terrified but did it beautifully then promptly ran to me demanding his helly babies (quite rightly)!!
Here's a photo of him in his suit!
The bride and groom, Suzy and Andy, both looked wonderful and extremely happy and the entire day was just so lovely!
They'd put activities in each childs chair ready for lunch (colouring and cars for Ethan and stacker cups for Amber) which was a great idea! Ater dinner Gillan took Ethan for a drive to get him to nap (it took less than 2 minutes)! and ethan then promptly slept on the floor for over 1 1/2 hours!

Amber happily went to sleep before 9 (late i know but quite good considering) so we were able to stay until 10:30 and had a fantastic time!image
We're a bit shattered this morning and Ethans beside himself, he went to bed at nearly midnight and got up at 7:20 so we could be in for a fun day!!

ps, sorry for the essay and for showing off but i'm a very proud mummy!!!!


  • Tasha, sounds like you had a great day.

    How proud you must be of Ethan, that was a huge thing he did seeing as he is so young!

    The pictures are lovely Ethan looks very handsome and Amber is gorgeous.

    Where are the pictures of you!

    Hope you have a nice day today xx
  • Hehe Simone i knew someone would ask that i only have one of me and its a bad pic so if you want to see it i'll pm it to you i'm not putting it on here!!!!!!
    Actually the photographers took a picture of the four of us and we've decided if its nice we'll buy it as an anniversary present to ourselves and have it framed!!
  • Natasha, Ethan looks amazing!!!! I don't blame you for being so proud!!
    Amber looks absolutely beautiful and I can't get over Suzy!! Surely that's not the geeky kid we went to school with?!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a rest Tash, it's not like you have got a busy day today!!!!!

  • Hi Tasha!!

    I want to see these infamous curls????

    Ethan looks adorable in his suit, very cute!! Amber looks gorgeous too, but then its easier to make girls look cute!! I am really pleased that they behaved for you and that you managed to enjoy yourselves and hav a good night!!

    Catch up with you later.
  • Pm me it Tasha please!
  • Tasha your curls look lovely!!!

    If i can go in P mag looking dog rough just after I'd got up and still wearing PJs and a dressing gown then I am sure you can show off your glam hair do!!!!
  • Just seen the picture and its not that bad!

    I do like your hair, did the curls drop a bit as it wasn't too curl!
  • Thanks Simone and Caroline! Yep they dropped quite a bit (with my help)! It's just t hey were more like ringlets whereas i'd wanted soft loose curls and today thats what i've got!!!

    gillan took this phot which he's very pleased with and wants me to show it off!!!!
  • Very artistic Gillan!!!!!
  • Tell Gillan its very good, a photographer in the making!
  • Ok Tasha I WANT TO SEE THE CURLS TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm so pleased you all enjoyed yourselves.
    Ethan looks very smart and as handsome as ever.

    Enjoy today too!
  • Tasha - photo please...............!

    ahhh Ethan and Amber look gorgous and glad the day went so well!!!

    and Gillan - thats a fab pic!!! x
  • WOW!! Tasha, no wonder Gillan was bugging you all day today to show me that photo, it's fab!! Would definately make a good pressie for Suzy and Andy!!

    Girls, have seen Tasha's curls today, she looked fab, have been trying to persuade her to have a light perm - it so suits her!!
  • aahhh,, tasha, im so happy the day went well. ethan looked very handsome, ill show niamh the pic tomorrow, and amber looked gorgeous as ever.

    the photo gillan took was very unusual, you really should get something done for them.

    really pleased you had a nice weekend

    kas xx
  • Hi Tasha,

    I'm so glad you all had a good day. Ethan looks so grown up in his suit, not surprised you are a proud mummy.

    Had a look at Gillans photo, looks like he's just discovered a hobby!

    Take care, Zoe xx
  • Hiya Tasha

    Ethan looks so handsome in his suit!!!!!
    Glad you had a lovely day at the wedding.
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