Hollie slept!

Saturday night Hollie slept from 9.30-8.30, it was brilliant i finally had some sleep. And yesterday we cleared her room out and put the cot in there for her. With her sleeping in our room, every time we moved she would stir and every time Ian coughed she would wake up. So we decided to move her out and she went in at 9 was completely dead to the world by quarter past and slept til 5.20.

It was really nice because Ian and i were able to spend some time together without me being on edge worrying about waking her.

I just hope she continues to sleep in there!


  • That's great, i'm pleased for you. Charlotte's only just starting to sleep better and she's nearly 2!!
  • Hi Zoe, does charlotte like her room? What did you decorate it like?

    Hollie's needs doing too. We moved into this house in June and Ian decorated the downstairs. But we need to do the upstairs and replace the carpet in the hallway.
  • glad Hollie slept through!!

    may you have lots more nights x
  • Thats great, i found Jessica slept much better in her own room.
  • how did hollie sleep last nite??

    hope shes happy in her new room

    keep us posted
    kas xx
  • Hi kas,

    Hollie has been sleeping a whole lot better in her own room. She goes in just after 9 and falls asleep within about 15minutes. She woke at 12 for a feed mon night, then slept through to 7.10. And last night she woke at 12 for a feed and slept through to 6.20.

    So we are finally getting some peace and she seems a lot happier for it.

    Karen xx
  • That's great news!!!!

    Well done Hollie x
  • You don't realise just how precious sleep is until you've gone months without it do you?!!!!

    Well done Hollie!

  • Now im finding though that because she is sleeping i cant lol. Im just not tired when it comes to bedtime and i can only assume that it is because my body is now used to not sleeping so when i have more sleep one night i dont need it the next. I dont know, kids hey but i would rather her sleeping and me being awake because im not tired than me being tired and her awake.
  • It's a real balancing act eh?!!

    How has Hollie slept last night? Or more to the point, how have you slept?!!

  • Hi Emma,

    Hollie slept from 9.10pm to 12.20 she had a quick feed in bed with me then i took her back through to her room and she slept til 7.10am. And unlike normal when i wake when she starts whining i woke to her crying so i must have slept quite well. Because she normally whinges for food not cries so she must have been awake before i heard her. She is doing so much better in her own room. I just hope now im getting some sleep she wont go back to her old ways, because im not going to be used to it again.

  • You lucky thing! I am desperate to move Luka to his own room, but he hasn't got one!! He will share with tate, once he starts sleeping better (he keeps waking between 4.30and 5.30) he doesn't always want a feed he just wakes up. Have you started weaning hollie? She might drop her night feed altogether then? Hope you all continue to sleep well
  • No I am going to wait until she is 6 months before weaning her. She dropped her night feed last night, i waited uo to feed her and fell asleep just after 12 and she slept until 6am. But then she was starving because she was asleep shortly after 8.30 last night.

    Hopefully then if Luka moves out of your room in time he wont wake you up unless he does want a feed. I have found that now she is in her own room im nit on edge watching her stirring. So i sleep better because i only wake when she wants food.
  • Sounds like you're getting used to all this sleep Karen?!!

    Glad things are better!

    take care

  • Lol just read my post can tell Hollie was sitting on my knee when i wrote it, there's loads of spelling mistakes.

    Emma i am getting used to sleep again, but hoping she doesnt start waking because it will be worse now im getting sleep to suddenly not get it again.

  • you don't realise how much you miss your sleep until you are deprived its awful!! Im so glad she is sleeping well for you, it is obviously working being in her own room you don't disturb each other. I am just going to bite the bullett and move Luka soon, im sure he and Tate will be ok.
  • I hope it does work for you too, even if he is awake in with tate it will give you some peace. Hopefully if he does still wake between 4.30-5.30 when they are sharing he wont wake tate.
    It so much better now she has a routine she knows when it is time for sleeping, whereas before she would wake sometimes every hour night and day. I have just given her a bath and got her ready for bed and when i took her through to the bedroom my partner commented how excited she was. She was jigging her whole body and i think it was because she has learned that after her bath its food time then bed.

    Hope you get some sleep soon! x
  • oh bless her, they are so cute! Tate is a really light sleeper, he sometimes wakes up just when I walk up the stairs to bed at night, so Im sure Luka would wake him. But then maybe not so just gotta try it. Im so glad she is happy in her room. They do love their litte routines and like to know whats happening next. Its amazing how much they remember, v.clever
  • Hollie is also a light sleeper but seems better in her room, she would wake when we turned over in the night. Hopefully Tate would be able to sleep through Luka's chattering in the morning.

  • Thats great that hollies sleeping better. Once Jake was in his own room, he slept better. However, it didn't last beacuse he wakes most nights either in the night or awake early around 5ish this week. I can't remember the last time I had one full night undisturbed nights sleep. Probably pre Jake! And we are thinking of #2. Are we mad!
    lol. xx
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