Charlotte's room.

Hi girls,

Here is as promised (although a bit late!) some photo's of Charlotte's room.

She is so much happier in here and is sleeping better. She even goes up there to play now whereas before she'd try and bring things downstairs.

Hope you like it!!



  • Zoe, that's absolutely lovely no wonder Charlottes so happy with it!!!
    Well done i knowhow hard you and James worked on it! By the way that is the same bed as Ethans got!!!
  • Zoe its lovely.
    You have done such a great job.
    I did a big 'aaaahhhhh' when i saw it.
    Its very pretty and girly, I'm not surprised she loves it.
    And its given me some ideas too, so thanks for that.
  • Thanks girls.

    We did put a lot into it, James would be in there before and after work when he was on afternoons and me inbetween. It was a relief when she walked in and said "WOW!". There are a few more things I would like in there. She has an ikea under the bed box for her dressing up clothes but I would like some storage boxes to put her toys away into. That's not urgent though.

    Anyway, thanks for the comments, i'll tell James!
  • That's lovely. I'm glad she is sleeping better for you in there too. I bet the hard work was all worth it when you shown it to her.
  • awwww its gorgeous

  • Zoe her room looks amazing, no wonder she likes it in there.
    You and James must be very proud of it xx
  • Thanks for your comments. The only problem we have now is that Jack wants his room doing!! He has been asking for it to be green for a while now, looks like we may have to give in before we had planned to do it!! Never mind the peace is worth it.
  • I love that room Zoe!
    Fancy coming round and doing Bronwyn's for me?
    The walls are lilac but it needs snazzing up!!!
  • Would love to!
  • Zoe i know I have said this already on MSN - but that room is fab!!!

    Wish I had a room like that when I was a little girl
  • I think its lovely,glad she happy with it,rileys is blue with a monster boarder,he also has his wardrobe door painted in a magnetic blackboard paint which he loves.

  • Hello there Zoe,

    I'm new to pp and just came across charlotte's room. It's adorable. I haven't done much in my son's room yet, since he's only 5 and a half months so his bed is next to mine. But i hope to get going soon, although it won't be pretty in pink :-)

  • wow, that looks absolutely fab.

    we've finally moved niamh and tara in together, so we got some of the stickarounds and a border, nothing fancy, but now we have two girls, it was easy to decorate.

    im so pleased charl loves her new room, heres to lots of peaceful nites !!
    well done
    kas xx
  • Hiya Zoe

    Charlotte's room looks fab, it's no wonder she loves it!!!!!
    I'm so please she's sleeping better for you now too.

    Well done to both of you!!!
  • Wow Zoe - that is so lovely, Sophie has just seen the picture and thought it was wonderful!!

    Can recommend some great inexpensive girly toy storage:

    Ok, never done that before so not sure if it's worked, if not will tell you where to look on argos website!!

    Soph's got it and has FILLED it with her barbies! It's fab for chucking toys in quickly!!

  • Hi Em,

    Thanks for that, unfortunately we can't use them due to lack of floor space, Charl has the box room and what you see is it. I was looking at the ones from Ikea that come down from the ceiling and maybe a couple ot tubs that will sit on the stair box. Thanks foe thinking of me.

    Zoe xx
  • Oh Well!!

    we also have the ceiling ones - just make sure you use a raw plug first as we have discovered that you need a little more than a small hook!!! Oooops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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