We'll miss you Lucy!!!!!!

Just wanted to wish you all the best for thursday, we'll be thinking of you and missing you lots!! Remember we'll be online lots to chat to you while you recover!!!

Take care xxxxxxx


  • Hope everything goes well Lucy. Take care x
  • Ditto!!! Good Luck Lucy!!!! x
  • Hi Lucy!!!

    Hope the op goes well. Chat to you again soon!!
    Goodness knows how many posts you will have to catch up with!!!!!

  • best of luck lucy, hope you feel well enough after to come on and chat hehe.
    we'll all be here waiting to catch up with you!!

    kas xx
  • Hope things go ok. Chat soon.

    Take care.

    Zoe xx
  • Same here Lucy, i really hope it all goes well for you.
    You will have to get Nigel to text me and let me know you are ok.
  • Thanks Tasha for the post and thankyou too, to Emma,Kas Sarah,Caroline,Zoe and Simone.
    I'm sorry I did'nt make it on last night. Was asleep by 9.
    I could'nt sleep Monday night so did house work(quietly)and stayed up ironing till 2.15 in the morning. It was so nice to do it uninterupted. But I was so tired by yesterday evening.
    Have my bag to pack tonight and packed Daniels last night as he has gone on his first school journey today. He was really excited. I thought I would blub but did'nt so now I feel guilty!!!!!!!!!!

    Tasha, I hope your visit to the hospital goes your way, and dont take any rubbish from them. Amber is your baby and you know her better than any of them, experts or not!
    I hope that they realise that its gone on far too long now.

    Hope she's still ok on the pears and continues to be. Will be thinking of you tomorrow too(thanks for your text)
    Take care and again best of luck for tomorrow.

    I will be sneaking my phone in to hospital, so may be able to text you myself,if not Nigel will definately do it.
    I have the cosytoes for Jessica's buggy too so need to maybe post that to you.
    If you text me your postcode. Unless you dont mind waiting a couple more weeks then can give it to you at JJ's?
    Which reminds me, Tasha, I still have Amber's pj's. Shall I pop them in the post to you or wait till we meet up again?

    Right girls, I will bid you all fearwell for now and hope to catch up with you all asap.

    Thanks again for my own post
    bye bye and take care xxxxx lucy xxxx
  • Good luck Lucy, hope your op goes well!!!

    Take care xx
  • Like the others, good luck hun.

  • Good luck with your op. Speak to u when you coe back on!

  • come back even.
  • Simone, Just wondered if you'd heard anything about Lucy??
    I felt a bit strange when we went to the hospital today knowing she was also in one but having something serious done, i hope she knows we're all thinking of her xxx

    PS. hope you're well too?!! xxxx
  • Have not heard anything yet, but will let you know.
  • I've just had a text from Lucy!! She's home but thats all i know, bless her she was asking after Amber!!!! Hope fully she'll be well enough to get on PP soon!! x x
  • oh, im so glad shes ok, hopefully, we'll hear a little more soon.

    thanks tasha
    kas xx
  • That's great, Thanks Tasha for letting us know. If you hear from her again, let her know we have been thinking of her.

    Zoe xx
  • Good to hear! speedy recovery lucy.

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