Excema and Nightmares - could they be connected?

Poor Sophie!

About a week ago, Sophie started to come into our bed about 2am - she hasn't done this in about 8months so I was concerned especially as she seemed so restless and scared. 3 mornings on the trot, she woke up talking about her 'nighty mares' and the monsters that were visiting in the night.
Then on Sunday evening she was really upset about going to bed and seemed so scared. As I got her ready, I noticed that her skin was 'bubbling' right in front of me! Again I haven't seen her have a reaction with her excema in nearly a year. By yesterday, she was covered in excema from her collar bone to the backs of her knees. She was scared and I couldn't help but cry! We have been treating her with Aloe leaves cut straight from the plant as this has always seemed the only thing that soothes without stinging.(doctors prescribed steroid cream last year, but she still has the marks from where it 'bleached' her skin!)

We have also, tonight, covered her bed with crystals and dream catchers and she went to sleep much calmer!

The two things must be connected - problem is, I just don't know which ones causing which!

Sorry for the rant, but I can't help but get anxious as her skin looks so painful.



  • Oh Emma, thats horrid for poor Sophie. And really not nice for you either.
    Katelin also has eczema. She only had it very mild until sunday night when she came out in it all over her body.
    She too is a little unsettled during the night but I had never connected the two. She's 21 months, so cant really tell me if she's had a bad dream, but the way she cries, I would say she's been spooked by something.
    She also has a bad cold at the moment so I have put it down to that until I read your post.
    Has anything in Sophie's life changed at all?
    I hope you get to the bottom of it really soon. Hope her eczema is'nt making her miserable.

    Take care, lucy x
  • Emma i feel for you,im in a similar situation with riley at the mo.He suffers from eczema but hasnot had an attack for ages and then recently his been waking at midnight and wanting to come into our bed(altho he does this often)but his eczema has got really bad(i think the itching keeps waking him),i had him up the DR's yesterday as i thought it was something serious as is all over his back and belly and just a few spots on the back of his knees.
    My GP has prescribed him eurax hydrocortisoe cream(to help stop the itch) and an emulsifying wax to keep the skin moist for longer to help clear it up.
    We have tryed diprobase wich does help sometimes and aquarious cream(also n the bath)but i think the skin get's used to them and stops reacting.I have always used non-bio washing powder.She said it could be the cold weather causing it.

    Hope you find something that helps her soon and best of luck.

    Emma xx
  • Does the central heating affect eczema? I would often get small patches of itchy dry skin on my arms during the winter which I always put down to the dry air from the central heating. Would a small humidifier in the bedroom help all your children? I have no experience with childhood eczema so it is just a thought.
  • Sophie must be bad - the teachers actually asked me today if she had Impetigo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No, she doesn't (have had it checked though!) the poor thing is just really suffering!

    I really look forward to summer as it sorts out her excema.

  • I was talking to my mum and my sister suffered from stress eczema,i could defo say riley has been stressed with chan going and all that.
    Has she been stressed out lately.
  • The nightmares could be making her stressed, what happens before she goes to bed??? Does she watch t.v?? what stories???
    Lydia was waking up in the night screaming about monsters, we did the usual "daddys got rid of them", even trying to explain that there is no such things as monsters.
    We then realised that depending on what she watches at wind down time and what stories we read depends on the type of night we have.
    For instance one night she watched scooby doo, then had a little princess story, and had a nightmare!
    Now she watches tigger and pooh and has her usual favourite stories and touch wood has had no nightmares.
    Eczema wise, keep the room cool and layer blankets on instead of a quilt. Obviously!! keep her nails short and go back to the drs and ask to be refered to a dermatologist.
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