Hi Everyone

Hi Liz

Welcome to PP!!!!!
It's a great site and there's always someone around to offer advice or have a chat with!!

Beware though, it's very addictive!!

Take care and chat soon
Dawn xx


  • Hi Liz,

    Welcome to PP. You'll love it on here and make loads of new friends in no time.

    Like Dawn said it's very addictive so be warned!!

    Anyway, I'm Zoe mum to Jack and Charlotte.

    Take care, xx
  • Hi Liz
    Welcome to pp.
    My name is Simone and i am mum to Jessica

    This is a great site and very addictive all the girls are really friendly.

    Hope to chat soon xx
  • Hi Liz,

    Welcome to pp. I'm Karen and i'm a first time mum to 4month old Hollie.

    This site is great and the girls are so lovely but i agree it can be addictive!

    Speak soon xx
  • Hi Liz

    Im Emma and mum to riley,like the others say its great here !

    Look forward to chatting soon.

  • Hi Liz

    Welcome to PP. its very friendly here .....grrrrr!! I'm also a first time mum. I am sure you'll find everyone on here very friendly and always willing to chat or give advice!

    Look forward to chatting to you soon!
  • Hi Liz!

    I'm Sarah and i'm currently ttc - and just to add - this site is very very addictive - I dread to think how any posts I'll have by the time i have a baby!! lol

    Anyway theres always someone here to chat and get advice from so hope to speak to you soon. xx
  • Hiya Liz,
    welcome to pp, im kas and mummmy to niamh and tara. I really hope you enjoy it on here as we all do, and hope you find lots of useful advice.

    look forward to chatting soon
    kas xx

    ps, Charlie looks like a real sweetie x
  • Hi Liz. Welcome to PP, I hope you enjoy using the site. I'm Nicolette and mum to Bon, three and Bump, 35 weeks. There is always someone around to offer advice, support and plenty of giggles!
  • Hi Liz,
    Im quite new on here too. Im mum to Tom 8yrs, Tate 2yrs and Luka 7months - yes 3 boys!! I just wish I had more time to get on here chatting!
  • Hi Liz and welcome to PP!
    I'm sure you'll find all the advice you need here and plenty of company too!! And i'll echo the others just look at our post counts to know you'll soon be addicted!!!!
    Chat soon Tasha xx
  • Hi Liz, I'm Emma, Mum to Sophie 5 and William who was 3 on Tuesday!! I never intended to get addicted to this site it's ALL my sisters fault! (tasha!!)

    It's a fab site foradvice, a moan and support!

  • Hi Liz

    Welcome to pp. I'm mum to jake and we are ttc # 2.

    It's very addictive on here and all the girls have lots of advice.

    speak soon. x
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