Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Happy Chinese New Year everyone and welcome to the year of the Earth Rat.


  • Kung Hei Fat Choi to you to Nicoltette!!!
    Isn't it a shame Gillans not in China now?! I think that would be fantastic! Pre- kids iwas a nursery nurse and we always did chinese new year with them which i loved and one year even managed to make fortune cookies!!!

    Maybe i should send Ethan to playgroup in his traditional chinese outfit that Gillan brought home??!!
  • Happy Chinese New Year!! If you girls hadn't mentioned it I would never have known!!!!
  • Me neither - the down side to Sophie going to a C0fE school is that they do seem to 'skim' over these kind of celebrations!!
  • Same here Caroline, i would not have known either!

    But Happy Chinese new year!
  • Happy New Year all. I love doing chinese new year at nursery. niamh came back from playgroup the other day saying she used chopsticks and played with chinese music balls (the chime balls i think).

    think i might have to get her some chinesee to try at the weekend

  • Hi Boo, we did the same, it was lovely, niamh managed to scoop up a little food on one chopstick, so when she'd been at the table for a while i used them for her, and she ate every scrap of dinner from the chopsticks. this was her first time trying chinese and she adored it. Has Zoe tried it before? how did she like it?
    hope you are well
    kas xx
  • Riley came home with a dragon puppet and a red envelope with a few sweets in,which i thought was really nice.
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