My husband thinks im a pushchair addict so I just wanted some feedback/ideas/support. When I had my third baby my second 'baby' was only 18months so I had to have a double pushchair. 6 months later im on my third double buggy...its cost a fortune. Anyone else got any tips, as I know a few of you also have kids close together so must have had a double too. I tried to keep my trusty maclaren and use a buggy board but Tate was too young. We've had a side by side (combiwe2) a tandem (cosatto) and now back to another side by side!!


  • the first one was just really hard getting round the shops, because it was fairly wide. I thought a tandem would be a good alternative but it was so heavy I couldn't get it up and down kerbs without killing my arms and shoulders!!
  • Ever tried a buggy pod? my friend got one from Amazon, you can fold it up towards the side of a stroller or pram for when your toddlers walking, then easily pull it down for 'tired' time!! approx £89

  • yes I've seen them, I bought a buggy board instead tate always asks to put it on the pushchair, then he tries to get IN the pushchair on top of Luka and says Luka can go on the buggy board!! I thought that baby no.3 would be cheaper as we had all the clothes/toys/cot etc already!! I must stop looking at baby websites!
  • Hi

    Arn't double buggies a nightmare! I have 3 children who are 2, 18 months and 4 weeks and really wanted to aviod getting a buggie but for safety (at least 2 are restrained!) sucumbed and got a mamas and papas twin aria. It is good and fits through most doors - some times i have to reverse in though.

    It is taking a bit of getting used to but i think thats down to me being so used to a nice easy singly stroller and having a complete babay brain.
  • I think i've found a good one at last! Its narrower and more lightweight. just a basic side by side with no frills which will get the boys around. Tate likes to walk but I need him strapped in to a pushchair at the shops otherwise theres no control!
  • Hi all
    Like pip i got the mamas and papas twin aria.I found it ok to use,i got it from freecycle and with a wash and wipe it came up like new,it was just under a year with a small prob with the break(they do work)but i would never have had the money to buy a new one,but would have struggled without it as riley was still a keen sleeper when out shopping.
  • I tried to get on freecycle but it was really weird, I couldn't seem to log on. I will try again though, you do get some good things on there i've heard. I managed to sell my first twin pushchair and got the tandem up for sale, its like brand new. so we will see.
  • Nicola, I also had a nightmare getting onto freecycle. I am glad its not me! It keeps trying to make me sign up for email accounts that I don't need!!!!
  • i always think its me, I have a problem with all these things!!!
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