Another at big school!!

OK, so she's a little young but today Bronwyn had her first experience of big school!! And boy did she love it!!!! Nursery was shut to kids today due to staff training so she had to come to work with me!

At the end of my GCSE class I took Bronwyn to meet them. I was gobsmacked when my rough and tough boys (aged 15-16) sat in a line on the desk in front of me cooing and awwing at Bronwyn and trying to get her to smile at them!! I couldn't believe it!

The poor girl was shattered and has been asleep since 5.30! Its tiring work being adored by everyone!!!


  • Caroline, I bet you were glowing with pride, and rightly so.
  • How fab Caroline!!! I'm sure having Bronwyn there made your day far more fun! I'm glad it was a success xxxx
  • Oh Bless! Sounds like you both had fun!

  • Thats great Caroline, your work must be good as my sister works at a school and there is no way they would let you bring your baby to work!
    I bet she loved it xx
  • Simone, as soon as I told them that nursery was shut the deputy head said, no worries just bring her with you!! The office staff fought over her and who was babysitting.

    I guess they knew that i would have to stay off work with no childcare!!!
  • That's really good Caroline, it makes things easier for you.
  • Thats great Caroline, i bet it was a lovely distraction for the staff xx
  • And the kids!!!

    Everyone enjoyed having bronwyn around and she seemed to have a calming affect on some of the more lively kids! I should take her more often!!
  • That's great, and i am glad she liked it. Babies do bring out the softer side in everyone i suppose.

  • aww Caroline glad you had a fab day yesterday.

    Sometimes one of the girls in the office brings her little girl in whos the same age as Bronwyn - its fab - we all argue over babysitting her aswell = lol I always win x
  • How fantastic, what a great boss you have!! Im glad you all had such a great day!
  • Hi Caroline, i know we chatted on msn the other nite bout this but thought i should post too (i know its late), but thats great, your boss is obviously very easygoing, that must make things less stressful for you. im amazed at the boys being so gooey over a baby (i know it happens but not usually in front of their mates!!).
    hope you are both well
    kas xx
  • Hi Kas!!
    The only reason Bronwyn was in my GCSE class was because the boys had begged me for 14 mins to fetch her to the lesson!!! She spent the last 10-15 mins with us! One lad was telling everyone how she had gripped hold of his hand so tightly that it hurt, he was really proud!!! Bless him!!

    Even the head was going gooey over her! Infact I seem to think that Bronwyn was in his office for part of the morning!!!!

    At least I know that if there is a problem at nursery in future I can take her to work with me!
  • Well I'm sure that Bronwyn just mesmerized everyone around her in school. She's such a beautie.

    Caroline, I was just asking Boo about her Fisher Price Aquarium but she suggested I ask you about it since you just got Bronwyn one so you must have the updated version.

    I was thinking of buying Seif one, but I have a question though? For how long does the music play for? The one I have plays some sleepy tunes but each one is just for 15 seconds, so I'm basically glued to his bed to keep pushing the button over and over again, so I was wondering if this aquarium plays on for longer periods.

  • I'm not surprised she had all the boys cooing over her, she's gorgeous!!!!

    That's great that you were allowed to take Bronwyn into school with you, there's no way our head would let any of us do that.
  • Glad it turned out ok,you seem to have a great headteacher,i dont think many schools would do that unless they had a nusery section.Glad it has a positive effect on the kids.
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