Anyone fancy a job where they can take their baby to work?

Love and Cuddles Ltd are currently recruiting people to run their baby groups, you can earn upto £30/ hour and take your baby/ toddler with you. Have a look at


  • look u were found to be a scam on one site - are u seriously going to advertise on every single mum and baby site?!
  • Really Claire?? It's a scam? bummer, had actually been thinking since reading this how nice it would be to teach baby signing! Thanks for making me aware Claire x x
  • We aren't a scam. There is a franchise but we aren't charging a fee for it. I am just a genuine mum who wants to help other mums. After sitting at baby groups listening to people who needed to earn some money whilst looking after their baby I put my thinking cap on and this is what I came up with. Have a look on the ask a mum site at the many comments from people who we have spoken to, rather than those by people who are judging us without giving us the chance to respond, or just email us with your questions. You won't lose anything by chatting to us, if you decide it isn't for you there will be no pressure whatseoever put on you.
  • Hi Vicky. Sorry you feel you have been judged by people on this site. We all hate to feel that we are being treated like mugs by yet another person who hasn't ever posted here before appearing to offer something for nothing that generally turns out to be too good to be true.

    We do respond well to people who sound genuine and are offering something that will help us. Explain more fully who you are and what you are doing and you'll get a fair hearing, promise. Why don't you join in some of the chats and get to know us if you have time?
  • I didn't mean to judge you and i did take a look at your site, thats why i thought it would be such a lovely idea. I guess something where you're ENCOURAGED to take your chid to work AND theres no catch just sounds too good to be true!!
    If you could tell us a bit more about what joining involves, ie how much training and where is it? How much paper work/ accounts are involved and obviously if there is anything we have to pay out for that would be great, Thanks Tasha x x
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